Rodent problem – The perfect solution

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DO you work on a farm or stable yard and have problem with rodents?

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary have a perfect solution to eliminate the problem.

Currently the sancuary have a number of outdoors cats of all ages who would are looking for ‘employment’ – all they ask in return is food and shelter. They are all very healthy; neutered, vet checked and treated for worms and fleas. They will be happy to return to their daily activities of hunting any rats or mice that may be a nuisance.

Many of these cats have been rescued from situations of danger where they could not stay.

For the price of food twice a day and good shelter they will work hard on your farm or stable yard.

A well looked after cat will make a better hunter than those left to survive on just rodents alone as the cats will be fitter, healthier and therefore more agile.

Their service could save you a fortune on wasted feed that is currently sustaining your rodent problem.

If you believe you could offer one or more of these cats food, water and shelter, in return they will provide you with a very effective rodent control service.

Please contact Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary on 028 9446 5384 and leave a message or email crosskennan@hotmail.co.uk.


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