Wild bees and wasps in your garden

Dr John Breen

Dr John Breen

WHO wouldn’t want to learn about insects other than honeybees? Every gardener is fascinated by the bees which visit the garden; every housewife wants to know the danger from the invaders to her house and every beekeeper, being constantly interrogated by friends about everything that looks like a honeybee wants to be more knowledgeable.

Dr John Breen, from Limerick, will not only talk about bees and wasps, he will bring along specimens to show to members of Dromore Beekeepers’ Association at its meeting on Tuesday 15th January. John is well qualified to do so since he is Associate Professor in Biology in the University of Limerick. He graduated in Zoology at University College Cork and gained his PhD in 1976. He studied bumble bees for a year at the University of Bergen, Norway and spent three years as a post-doctoral fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

Apart from his scientific interests he has kept honeybees since he was nine years old and is the Project Co-ordinator of the National Apiculture Programme 2010-2013.

This meeting will take place at 7.30pm in the Science Centre, Dromore High School and since this subject will appeal to a wide audience, everyone will be welcome.


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