New job roles at Glarryford

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GLARRYFORD YFC held their annual AGM on Monday 28th January at 8.15pm.

The evening ran smoothly and we would like to thank our mentor Stephanie Fulton for coming along to chair the meeting.

The positions were elected as follows: patron - Ernest O’Hara, president - Mervyn Dickey, deputy president - Wallace Gregg, club leader - Robyn McCormick, assistant club leader - Peter Alexander, secretary - Rachael Frew, assistant secretary - Cathy Knowles, treasurer - Emma Johnston, assistant treasurer - Ruth McCloy, senior leader of juniors - Margaret Dunlop, assistant leaders of juniors - John Gregg, Andrew McAuley and Julie McClintock, recreation officers - Jessica Reid and Neil Johnston, PRO - Catherine Armstrong, assistant PRO - Jessica Byers, catering supervisor - Heather McGaughey, catering assistants - Lynsey Stirling and Mitchell Park, grants- sub-committee, Duke of Edinburgh - Catherine Armstrong, council representative - Cathy Knowles, UFU representative - John Christie, committee members - Adam Harris Adam Ferguson, Thomas Compton, Janette Stirling and Lynda-Jane McCullough, Ballymena Show representatives- Mark McAuley, Rachael Frew, Peter Alexander, William Byers, Jessica Byers and Cathy Knowles.


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