YFCU members attend autumn Euro seminar

European delegates attending the Rural Youth Europe Autumn seminar

European delegates attending the Rural Youth Europe Autumn seminar

THE 2012 Rural Youth Europe Autumn Seminar recently took place in the picturesque town of Gersau in Switzerland.

The theme selected for this year’s seminar was ‘Protecting the environment for your future’, and the seminar was attended by over 30 delegates, from 16 countries across Europe.

This year, the YFCU selected Geoff Thompson from Annaclone and Magherally, and James Speers from Collone YFC, to attend the seminar and demonstrate the many steps that Northern Ireland and the YFCU has taken to safeguard the environment for future generations.

The week began with the delegates taking part in several educational courses on renewable energy and suitable forestry. Additionally, they were given the opportunity to visit a number of local environmentally sustainable projects in Switzerland.

These trips included a visit to two hydroelectric power stations, an anaerobic digester, a bio-energy plant, a factory that recycled old clothing for re-use and an energy efficient house.

In the evenings the group were able to continue their education by learning about different cultures through various events such as the international food buffet, traditional Swiss dancing and an evening boat tour on lake Lucern.

By the end of the exhausting week, every member of the group had learnt an array of methods to encourage environment protection in their own countries and made friends for life.


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