54 farmers enjoy Fleckvieh visit to Austria

After a three year break from the annual trip to Austria it was with great excitement 54 farmers travelled to the Fleckvieh World Congress for a busy four day excursion where they visited five farms and two AI stations whilst also stopping by the World Congress showcase.

Farm two was a very impressive with two robots and a very consistent herd of medium sized cows with very good udders. All bull calves were sold at eight weeks old in Reid, 120Kg at 600 Euros. The bull calves are drinking 12 litres of cold cows’ milk per day at four weeks old with acid added to the ADD-LIB milk to keep it fresh. On the afternoon of the visit, they were ensiling 5th cut silage on top of the maize that was cut fresh that morning with their 6th cut planned for 10th October. Herbal lays and clover are used with no fertiliser applied to the silage ground, only slurry.

In relation to farm number five, in 1998 three farmers milking 50 cows in total joined forces to build a new cow unit for 150 cows and a 16 point rotary parlour. Proof of the successful venture meant that in 2017 they constructed a new unit beside the existing one for a further 200 cows with four robots. All calved heifers are milked in the parlour for four weeks and any cows which are not suitable for the robots. All bull calves are sold at six weeks old and heifer calves are Genomic tested with 50% off the heifer calves sold and the remainder contract reared on another farm. No paid labour is employed on the farm with the three farmers doing all the work. This has proved to be one of the most profitable farms in Austria. The farmers said the partnership helps drive down costs on feed, fertiliser, and labour and the quality of life with one farmer off every weekend with the knowledge the farm is in great hands.

During the visit to the two AI stations, the farmers saw all the bulls that are available from SQ Genetics. In the proven bulls Der Beste at 6 years old was the standout bull.

The group during the farm visit

At the Elite Auction on the Saturday evening 13 heifer calves and 5 young bulls were sold. The bulls peaked at 39,000 euros with the heifer calves averaging 16,000 euros with a top price of 22,500 euros. At the show on Sunday the quality of the cows was outstanding.

For more information on the breed ring Jim Hamilton 07590444732 or 02887758898.

The progeny group from De Beste