Andrew is busy in Fermanagh

Andrew Gordon is the North Fermanagh Group Chair and County Fermanagh Committee chair.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Property Investment & Development, Andrew joined the farm business alongside his father, Stanley in 2011, actively becoming a member of the UFU alongside his father who has been a dedicated member for many years.

Advice he would give for any young person considering a career in agriculture, is to take up any opportunity that arises may it be to study or travel before joining the farm business or taking up any other role in agriculture. He explained you will never get a better opportunity!

The Gordons’ run both poultry and suckler cow enterprise’s from their farm outside Churchill. As Moy Park producers, their grandparent rearer site keeps 32,000 chickens from day old to 19 weeks. These chickens are the grandparents of the broiler chickens, which are reared for meat.

Andrew Gordon

They also keep 45 suckler cows on an extensive system aiming to make maximum use of their own forage.

Alongside the farming, Andrew is married to his wife Lisa, they have a young child who is sure to keep him on his toes!

Currently, Andrew is kept busy serving as North Fermanagh Group Chair and County Fermanagh Committee chair, as well as serving on the UFU poultry committee. He finds this very interesting and said that “It keeps you up to date with the whole industry and what’s going on beyond your own farm gate. You get to hear what challenges and opportunities other farmer members are facing. Andrew’s father previously served on the poultry committee for several years also.

Andrew would encourage all farmers to join and support the work of the UFU. Andrew sees the benefit of membership through the technical and policy teams, “… in that you have a team of people who are there to support and help with any queries or questions regarding farming issues or in general, you can go to them for assistance and advice ”, and in lobbying for the farming community.