Border Leicester sale heads to Ballymena

The Ulster Ram Breeders' Association Border Leicester pedigree sale of rams, ram lambs, ewes and ewe lambs will take place in Ballymena Mart on Monday, September 26.

Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 9:13 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:33 pm
Seamus McLaughlin with his Greyface lambs
Seamus McLaughlin with his Greyface lambs

The show takes place at 5pm followed by the sale at 7pm.

Danske Bank, J Thompson & Sons Ltd and Fane Valley Stores are once again sponsoring the event with John Barrowman, Scotland judging.

Border Leicester breeder Seamus McLaughlin farms 300 acres at Hilltop Farm outside Garvagh, comprising of 280 acres of rough grazing with the remainder permanent grassland surrounding the farmyard. The farm hosts 300 Scottish Blackface ewes and 10 purebred registered Border Leicester ewes. All the ewes are put to purebre

d registered Border Leicester rams. Stock rams are purchased at U.R.B.A. sales in Ballymena Mart.

Border Leicester is the sire breed of choice at Hilltop Farm which when crossed with the Scottish Blackface produces the Greyface lamb.

These lambs are born with a good covering of wool, get on their feet quickly and are well capable of withstanding the roughest weather conditions at lambing time. The ability of the lamb to thrive on the ewe when out on rough grazing means there is a good demand for the ewe lambs as the Greyface ewe is an outstanding commercial sheep.

Lambs have a high growth rate and the ram lambs/wethers can be finished off grass. The Border Leicester ram has great longevity and is hardy.

“When tupping ewes in November and December I need a ram that works in all weather,” said Seamus.