Danish first for Glenmarshal Sires

Leading pig genetics company Glenmarshal Sires Ltd (Glenmarshal) has entered into a co-operation agreement with Danish Genetics and Roslin Technology.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 7:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 7:30 am
One of the elite Duroc Boars recently imported from Denmark by Glenmarshal Sires. At test  it recorded a growth rate of 1267g per day
One of the elite Duroc Boars recently imported from Denmark by Glenmarshal Sires. At test it recorded a growth rate of 1267g per day

This is the first arrangement of its kind to be entered into between the newly established Danish company, and an Irish pig breeding operation.

Roslin Technologies, who oversee the Danish company’s breeding programme, is one of the world’s most innovative institutions within animal genetics.

Glenmarshal is a genetics business of international standing in its own right, currently exporting pig semen to countries around the world including Zambia, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Thailand and Malaysia.

The new agreement struck between Glenmarshal and its Danish counterpart is a truly exciting development for the Irish pig industry. It will enable Irish farmers, for the first time, to have access to the very best quality genetics available from Denmark - one of the world’s elite centres of pig breeding.

Fifty boars, classified as having the highest genetic merit for use in Ireland, were recently imported from Denmark by Glenmarshal and have just been released from isolation after completing their quarantine period and veterinary tests. Semen from these boars is now available for distribution throughout Ireland.

“These boars are animals of the highest genetic merit ever imported into Ireland from Denmark,” confirmed Glenmarshal’s managing director Trevor Shields.

“The Duroc consignment is, on average, 20-35 index points higher than those standing in stud anywhere in the UK or Ireland while the Landrace and Large White boars are 20-30 index points higher.”

Danish research has confirmed that 8 -11 index points represent one year’s genetic improvement.

Trevor continued:“The boars recently imported from Denmark represent a genetic advantage of over three years when compared to existing Danish boars available in Ireland. Research carried out in 2017 confirmed that one year’s genetic gain is worth £1.74 or €2.00 per pig.”

This new consignment of Glenmarshal boars was selected from farms which have the highest long-term health status (SPF Level Red) and are all SUS Denmark approved. These farms are free of all major diseases including PRRS.

Danish Genetics has a pyramid that is totally free of PRRS and, unlike other Danish Breeding Companies, does not use PRRS vaccinated boars for AI. PRRS was estimated to cost Irish farmers £6.85 (€7.87) per pig sold in 2016 (Mossvet).

One of the farms from which Glenmarshal Sires selected their Duroc Boars has been home to Denmark’s highest performing Duroc herd for 17 consecutive years and all herds have been subject to extensive, long term data collection for many years, thus allowing for accurate progressive genetic gain.

Glenmarshal Sires’ AI station is under the control of a centre vet and is monitored regularly for PRRS using PCR and ELISA testing of blood serum.

All Boars are DNA tagged and registered with Bord Bia’s Pigmeat Quality Assurance Scheme and the station is of course Red Tractor Approved.

In the interests of bio-security, all deliveries of pig semen and breeding stock in Ireland are made using dedicated vehicles owned and operated solely by Glenmarshal Sires.

To ensure optimum semen quality, Glenmarshal Sires provide a temperature-controlled delivery service throughout the island of Ireland using thermally controlled insulated containers fitted within dedicated vans. The semen is then transferred to a temperature-controlled drop-off point at the farm.

For further information contact Trevor Shields on +44 7739 262844.