Delays to turnout: every cloud has a silver lining

This year’s delayed turnout is giving farms that additional opportunity to ensure that store cattle get a much needed mineral and vitamin boost before they, finally, get out to grass.
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Forage stocks have been tight on many farms over the past few weeks, an added challenge given the generally poor quality of the silages made last year across Northern Ireland.

“It’s, therefore, important that store animals make best use of grass as soon as they get out to the fields,” explained Paul Elwood, from HVS Animal Health.

“Grazing paddocks are in an equally challenging state at the present time. It is the mineral and vitamin reserves in grazed grass that help deliver the much heralded compensatory growth achieved by young stock in the weeks directly after turnout.

Warren Kerr from Kerr Farm Supplies in Fermanagh getting ready to dose his own stock before turnoutWarren Kerr from Kerr Farm Supplies in Fermanagh getting ready to dose his own stock before turnout
Warren Kerr from Kerr Farm Supplies in Fermanagh getting ready to dose his own stock before turnout

“But if these nutrients are in short supply, which is the case at the present time, cattle will not thrive.

“However, drenching store animals with Liquid Gold Cattle directly prior to turnout will help to restore this imbalance.”

Rainfall levels across Northern Ireland are up 30% year on year. So it will come as no surprise that many grass swards are in a nutrient sdtate at the present time.

According to Paul, drenching stock with Liquid Gold Cattle prior to turnout will deliver an extra 9.9kg of live weight over a 54 day period.

He added: “This figure rises to 20.4kg over 104 days. These figures have been verified courtesy of repeated trial work, carried out here in Northern Ireland.

“The cost of securing these enhanced growth rates works out at £3.20/head. This is based on a Liquid Gold cattle drench rate of 60ml per animal.”

So how does this compare with feeding additional meal to cattle at grass this year?

Paul Elwood again: “The price of a good quality cattle grower ration is currently in the region of £350/t. So for the price of approximately 9kg of meal, farmers can secure a more significant growth rate bonus by investing in Liquid Gold Cattle.”

Grazed grass is the cheapest feed to offer cattle. However, it is not the total nutritional package.

Many swards can be deficient in a range of trace minerals and vitamins.

For trace elements to be available to stock, they must be of high quality and in a chelated form.

Paul Elwood confirming a strong demand for the Liquid Gold range at the present time.

He commented: “Liquid Gold Cattle is the only product of its kind in which essential trace elements, including iron, copper, zinc and manganese, are included solely in their chelated form.

“It also contains nucleotides, which act to increase red blood cell numbers, a key factor in determining animals’ ability to grow.

“The reality is that cattle can only perform to the level of the greatest deficiency or imbalance in their diet.

“All forage based diets contain imbalances and consequently most stock seldom exceed 75% of their genetic potential in terms of growth, fertility, development of immunity.”

Paul concluded: “Liquid Gold Cattle acts to ensure that young stock at grass are not restricted in terms of meeting their full growth potential.”

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