Fat lambs sell to £100 for 25kg at Gortin Mart

A large entry of stock on Monday.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 3:19 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:10 pm

Prices as follows:


Patrick McKeown £100/25kg, Robert McPhillimy £99/25kg, Mark Armstrong £97/24kg, Brendan and Ryan Gormley £97/24kg, Jonathon Taylor £96.50/22kg, Patrick McKeown £96/32kg, Gary Rankin £95/22kg, T Crawford £95/22kg, Brian McCarron £94/23kg, John Halcrow £94/22kg, John McBride £94/23kg, Patrick McCullagh £93/23kg, 21kg, 93/24kg,Allan Speer £92/21kg, J McCrea £92/24kg, N Collins £90/22kg, Patrick McCullagh £90/22kg, Brian McCullagh £90/22kg, Patrick Hegarty £90/22kg, Michael Mullin £87.50/21kg, D and W Clarke £86/21kg, Michael Mimnagh £86/20kg, Damian Donaghey £85.50/20kg, Jason Martin £85/20kg and W Campbell £83/20kg.


Patrick McKeown £123, W Reilly £105, £105, Gary Rankin £101, Kennedy Hunter £98.50, Seamus McGuinness £92, Allan Speer £90.50, May Faulkner £90, E Steele £88, £85, Jonathon Taylor £83, Violet McClelland £82, I Millar £80, £79, Patrick McKeown £80, Kennedy Hunter £80, Preston Farms £79 and Kyle Rainey £79.


Seamus McGuinness £180, £180, £180, £180, £165, £158, £148 and John Bratton £175, £165, £155, £142, £140, £140.