Hereford cow sells for £1,415 at Armoy Mart

A smaller show of cattle at Armoy Mart met with one of the best trades seen all year, with heavy cattle and fat cows, a particularly sharp trade.

Tuesday, 14th November 2017, 2:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:15 am


John Crawford, Glarryford, Hereford, 700kgs, £1,415, 680kgs, £1,380. Sandy O’Neill, Glenarm, 650kgs, £1,330, 600kgs, £1,200. Bryan Taggart, Bushmills, Limousin, 600kgs, £1,185, 600kgs, £1,100. Alexander O’Neill, Glenarm, Charolais, 610kgs, £1,205, 600kgs, £1,155, 500kgs, £1,070, 530kgs, £1,010. B Taggart, Bushmills, Limousin, 600kgs, £1,100, 540kgs, £1,070. Robert Reid, Finvoy, Charolais, 300kgs, £705, 350kgs, £800, 340kgs, £755, 390kgs, £840. M M Kelly, Ballycastle, Limousin, 400kgs, £855, 380kgs, £790. E McCorry, Glengormley, Limousin, 500kgs, £1,030, 470kgs, £905, 450kgs, £880. John Surgenor, Dervock, Belgian Blue, 500kgs, £925, 480kgs, £880, 480kgs, £890, 540kgs, £990.


B Taggart, Bushmills, 600kgs, £1,185. Robert Reid, Finvoy, Charolais, 200kgs, £460, 270kgs, £595, 330kgs, £660. M M Kelly, Ballycastle, Charolais, 370kgs, £740. Charles McCormick, Armoy, Limousin, 400kgs, £790, 500kgs, £950, 480kgs, £890. E McCorry, Glengormley, Limousin 460kgs, £845, 405kgs, £805. Ian McMullan, Glenarm, Belgian Blue, 430kgs, £830.


William Moore, Dervock, Aberdeen Angus bull, 930kgs, £1,380. Brendan McAuley, Ballycastle, Limousin cow, 680kgs, £1,005. Francis McBride, Ballycastle, Limousin cow, 590kgs £1,000. John Reid, Ballymoney, Friesian cow, 420kgs, £530. Ballymoney farmer, Aberdeen Angus cows, 650kgs, £985, 635kgs, £870, 580kgs, £765. J and R J Hanna, Loughguile, Holstein cows, 600kgs, £545, 700kgs, £590.

Sale every Monday night at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.