Insurer issues weather warning as torrential rain is forecast

Leading rural insurer NFU Mutual is warning people across the UK to prepare for torrential rain forecast for tomorrow (Wednesday, May 17) with potential to cause flooding and consequent damage to homes, vehicles and businesses.

The extreme rainfall is forecast across a large part of the UK on Wednesday and NFU Mutual, which insures over 70% of UK farms and thousands of rural homes and businesses, is on standby to launch its emergency claims plan should serious floods occur.

“When extreme weather strikes our first priority is to get immediate help to people whose families and animals have been put at risk,” said Tim Price, NFU Mutual Rural Affairs Specialist.

“Our local claims teams and 300 local offices are on stand-by to provide immediate help to customers – including making immediate emergency payments.

“Despite the massive amount of technology now used by weather forecasters, it’s still difficult to accurately predict the intensity and path of storms – but tomorrow’s forecast does warrant concern and we recommend homeowners and farmers in flood-prone locations take simple precautions.

“We’re particularly concerned because after weeks of unseasonably dry weather, land across the country remains parched which means heavy rain can run-off quickly and cause flash floods.”

He added: “For updates and further information on storm and flood precautions it’s worth regularly checking local weather forecasts and Environment Agency flood warnings. NFU Mutual’s website: includes weather event and emergency claims procedures and we provide regular updates on weather events on our Twitter account: @nfum.”