Irish Region (RPRA) annual meeting

The RPRA (Irish Region) AGM was held in Christ Church Lisburn on Saturday, 3rd February at 1.00pm.

Members present included Samuel Briggs (Lisburn) President, Cormac O’Hare (Ballyholland) Chairman, Noel Higginson (Ballyclare) Sec/Treasurer, Willie Reynolds (Ballymena) Press Officer, Jimmy Burrows (Eastway), Jim Serplus (Laurelvale), Alan Larkin (The Meadows), Gerald Delaney (Ashfield), Robert Topping (Lisburn), Paul Gault (Kingsmoss), William Knowles (Kingsmoss).

Apologies were received from Robert Turkington, Norman Lewis, George Robinson and Arnold Thomson. Cormac opened the meeting and welcomed all those attending. A minutes silence was observed for the members and family that had passed away from the previous AGM. The Secretary was then invited to read the minutes of the 2023 AGM. It was proposed by William Knowles and seconded by Alan Larkin that the minutes be accepted as a true record and passed on a show of hands. There were no matters arising.

The Chairman then proceeded to go through the various proposals on the agenda for the annual meeting of the RPRA. The meeting then agreed on voting procedure for the meeting. The Chairman and President between them informed the meeting on items discussed at the most recent RPRA Council meeting which was held in October 2023.

They explained the reason for the £5 increase in membership fees and the current financial state of the RPRA. It was all hard to believe that the situation came about in the first place. The Secretary then gave a report regarding the membership and financial situation at Irish Region, it was good to report we were in a healthy state. The membership of affiliated members and individual members were both down but young fancier members had doubled which was good to see. He gave a report on dissolved clubs that included Coleraine & Co Derry and Castledawson with an application being considered for East Antrim Amalgamation. Paul Alister, a pigeon fancier from Lisburn and Accountant would prepare a statement of accounts.

Election of officers for 2024 – As there was only one change to be made with Alan Larkin resigning from the INFC Committee to be replaced by Robert Topping of Lisburn. It was proposed by S Briggs and seconded by J Burrows that this be done and remainder returned again en-bloc. Passed on show of hands.

President Samuel Briggs (Lisburn), Chairman Cormac O’Hare (Ballyholland), Secretary/Treasurer Noel Higginson (Ballyclare. Vice Presidents Gerald Delaney (Ashfield) and Cormac O’Hare. Life Vice Presidents – Samuel Broggs, Jim Serplus (Laurelvale), William Knowles (Kingsmoss), Jimmy Burrows (Eastway).

RPRA Council Delegates – Samuel Briggs, Cormac O’Hare, Gerald Delaney with Alan Larkin (The Meadows) reserve. The Irish Region Appeals Committee will consist of all members of the Irish Region Committee. Irish Region Appeals Committee – Samuel Briggs, Cormac O’Hare, Noel Higginson, Willie Reynolds, Jim Serplus, Alan Larkin, Gerald Delaney, George Robinson (Carrick), William Knowles, Robin Service (Ballymena) and Robert Topping.

Irish Region INFC Committee representatives – Richard McCracken, Gary Donaldson, Nigel Gordon, Paul Dunlop, Cormac O’Hare, Jim Serplus, Robin Duddy, Arnold Thompson, Edwin McGimpsey, Norman Lewis, Gary Simmons, Robin Service, Robert Turkington, A Bradley (Dromara), and Carson Lyons.

INFC Appeals Committee – Gerald Delaney, William Knowles and Jimmy Burrows. Irish Region Press Officer Willie Reynolds. A discussion took place on the new Bricon ETS System and as we had no other business the meeting was closed.

RPRA (Irish Region) Awrds 2023

For the last number of years, the RPRA (Irish Region) awards have been presented at the annual NIPA Ladies Night, venue for the 2023 presentation was the Ballymac Hotel. Just for the record along with the usual Mileage Awards we have a Meritorious Award for Individual Bird performance in each of the NIPA Sections and usually two cross channel races from Talbenny and Penzance. The awards were presented by the Irish Region Secretary Noel Higginson. New e-mail address for Secretary [email protected]

Irish Region Awards 2023 – Individual bird performance Talbenny (2) & Penzance:

Sect A - Jimmy Hanson Coleraine Premier Vel 1269

Sect B - Trevor Whyte Ahoghill Flying Club Vel 1323

Sect C - J & D Braniff Glen Vel 1313

Sect D - S G Briggs Lisburn & District Vel 1235

Sect E - G & A Campbell Armagh Vel 1355

Sect F - McGimpsey Bros Ards Vel 1069

Sect - G Lyons & Kennedy Hills & Maze Vel 1317

Sect H - David Booth Mourne & District Vel 1295

Overall Winner top velocity - G & A Campbell Armagh Vel 1355.

Irish Region Mileage Awards 2023

0-250 Miles won by J Greenaway Hills & Maze

251-450 Miles won by M Graham Ballymena & District

450 + won by M Maguire & Son Newry & District

Best Young Bird Performance 2023 - Brendan Morgan Coalisland & District

Best Old Bird Performance 2023 - Jeff Greenaway Hills & Maze

Young Fancier Mileage Awards 2023

0-250 won by Chloe Chambers Newry & District

251-450 won by Mullen Bros Edgarstown

RPRA Irish Region Young Fancier of the Year 2023

1st H T & J Larkin The Meadows. Runner-Up Chloe Chambers Newry & District.

Homer will be providing the local training as usual starting just before racing in Mid-April, and going as usual to Oxford Island. The old cart has had a refurb and I have the spare one available for sale. Fanciers will be contacted via text message for training.

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