Ladies Night for the mighty NIPA

With another full house at the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick on Friday, 10th November, the NIPA Chairman Ken Wilkinson welcomed all present and firstly introduced the guests.

Friday, 17th November 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 17th November 2017, 7:00 am
Kells winner Jeff Surgenor with judges  B Blair, C McManus and L Mullan.
Kells winner Jeff Surgenor with judges B Blair, C McManus and L Mullan.

From Dublin Eugene Fitzgerald the President of the Irish Homing Union and former President of The Confederation and the Irish National Flying Club who had brought along good friend Kevin Bernie. They were joined at the top table by NIPA President Robert Reid and family also RRRA Irish Region Secretary from Carrickfergus, and NIPA Vice Chairman Sammy Thompson from Bushmills, and NIPA Vice Pres Samuel Briggs from Lisburn. Also present the Secretary of The Irish National Flying Club Trevor Topping and family from Lisburn, and Mr & Mrs Beattie from Laurelvale who sponsored the Fermoy 5 Bird Championship. The main sponsor for the 2017 season, and past number of years were Frazer Animal Feeds.

Ken asked the members to stand for a moment in respect of deceased members over the year which included Patron Lyndon Boyle who was a former Chairman and President, Brendan Fox from Lisburn club Chairman for many years and a former President of NIPA and sympathy also extended to the Capper Family who had a sad loss in the last few days.

Sammy Thompson said grace and following an excellent four course meal the NIPA Secretary and Assistant Fred Russell and Gregory McEvoy assisted by S Briggs and R Reid sorted the big presentation. What a job they had in hand getting everything ready for the big night, invaluable work over many hours and a lot of time setting up prior to the dinner. The Chairman congratulated all the winners and all those who assisted over the past season in both transport and administration.

The full list of winners had been published recently, the major winners included Russell Bros from Dromara who won the Premier Old Bird National from St Malo in France, a very difficult race with just 10 birds home in race time. In this race the partnership won the News of the World Cup, McComb Cup and Pigeon Cup and Average Trophy awards including Scania Cup Best Ave OB Nat & OB Classic, Harper Cup Best Ave OB Nat & Talbenny YB Nat, Halliday Cup Best Ave OB Inland Nat, St Malo OB Nat & Talbenny YB Nat and Erwin Trophy Best Ave all National & Classic Races.

Mid Antrim Shows

Week three for the Ballymena & District members was the Yearling Hens & Cocks, total entry dropped down this week to just under 100 birds judged by Tom Cole from Broughshane and George Price from Harryville and home lofts had a good night. Bertie Blair penned the winner in Yearling Cock lifting the Red Card with a Black Pied, W & N Gilbert had the top two places in Yearling Hens, they took BIS with a nice Blue Cheq getting ready for Dublin at the weekend. The raffle was won by Billy Smyth. Yearling Cocks T/W (42 Birds) - 1st Blair & Rankin, 2nd J W Reynolds, 3rd, 4th & Reserve J Eagleson & Sons, VHC W & J Smyth, HC W & W Gilbert, Commended T McFall. Yearling Hens T/W (52 Birds) – 1st, 2nd, 4th & HC W & N Gilbert, 3rd Blair & Rankin, Reserve & VHC B Herbison, Commended J W Reynolds.

The remaining Monday dates are: 20th November Old Pairs & Young Pieds T/W, 27th November Young Pairs & Old Pieds T/W, 4th December Red Mealy & Grizzle YB and Red Mealy & Grizzle OB Through Wires, 11th December YB Eye-sign and OB Eye-sign. To qualify for Show Specials a minimum of six birds must be penned. If you require more show information contact Willy Gilbert Tel: 07761 323459. Ballymena bird found dead in Ballymoney GB17B- 11227, hawk got it.

Broughshane & Dist HPS - Old Cocks TW: 1st & HC M Neilly, 2nd & Reserve J & J Greer, 3rd & 4th N & S Anderson, VHC D Houston, Commended J Getty. Young Cocks TW: 1st & 3rd D Swann, 2nd J Simpson, 4th & VHC A Purvis, Res. C Quaite, HC D Houston, Commended J Simpson. Broughshane club would like to thank our two judges Edrick Davidson and Roy Davidson for giving their time and carding the winning birds. A special thanks to Jamie-Lee for baking us a lovely cake. Raffle won by J Simpson. Tuesday 14th November Old Hens & Young Hens TW, Tuesday 21st November Old Bird Eye Sign & Young Bird Mated Pairs.

Kells & District Old Cocks (94 Birds) – 1st & Reserve Surgenor Bros, 2nd & 4th A Barkley and son, 3rd, VHC & Commended W and W Gilbert, Hc B Swann & son. Judges B Blair, C McManus (Ballymena) and L Mullan (Harryville). Wednesday Old Hens.

Ahoghill Flying Club opening show last Friday had young birds penned, judged through the wires by Alan Steele (Kells) and David Young (Muckamore).

Victor Montgomery from Ballyclare cleaned up winning both classes. Friday 17th November Old Cock & Old Hen Through Wires, 24th November Young Cock & Young Hen Handled, 1st December Old Cock & Old Hen Handled, 8th December Young Pairs & Fancy, 15th December Old Pairs & Late Breds, 22nd December Eye-sign Old Bird & Young Bird. Penning between 7.00pm and 8.00pm and all fanciers welcome, tea served during judging. Young Cocks T/W – 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th V Montgomery, Reserve & Commended C Moore, VHC T McFall, HC D & R Turkington.

Young Hens T/W – 1st & 4th V Montgomery, 2nds & VHC T & G Balmer, 3rd B Herbison, Reserve & Commended T McFall, HC W Livingstone.

Cullybackey HPS – Most recent show was for the Old and Young Pairs judged through wires by Robert McCartney a big star when I joined the Harryville HPS back in 1971, he gave up racing many years ago but still follows the racing. Best in Show was Alan Darragh who won Young Pairs, new member Iain McNaghten took the Red Card in the Old Pairs. Young Pairs – 1st & 4th A Darragh, 2nd J McNaghten & Son, 3rd, Reserve & VHC T McFall, HC N & S Anderson, Commended Reid Bros & McCloy. Old Pairs – 1st J McNaghten & Son, 2nd T McFall, 3rd B Herbison, 4th & Commended Reid Bros & McCloy, Reserve & VHC J & J Greer, HC N & S Anderson. The remaining Saturday dates are 18th November Young Cocks & Young Hens Handled, 25th November Old Cock Handled & Late Breds, 2nd December Old Hen Handled & Fancy T/W, 9th December Old Bird & Young Bird Eye-sign. Open Show 3 in 1 to be held in the local clubrooms on Saturday 16th December.

Lurgan Social - 3rd show result - 1st M Rice, 2nd R Higginson, 3rd K Douglas, 4th K Wright, Res M Rice, Vhc K Wright, Hc M Rice, C M Rice. Spl best YB K Henderson. Spl coloured class A McConville. Thanks to the judges Debbie Lunn and Darren Thompson. Next week’s classes any age cock or hen with specials for best YB and a coloured class.

Portadown & Druncree RPC 13/11/17 Show 1 result - 1st Sloan & Reid, 2nd Hagan & Rowney, 3rd A Fearon, Res J Whitten & Son, VHC A McDonald, HC B Creaney, H B Creaney, Best Pied B Creaney.Next week show is for old cock or hen JTW with special for best black or black check. Members to run show - A Fearon & F Sloan

The Dublin Charity Show is on Saturday 18th November, many fanciers will be making the trip from Northern Ireland to the annual event, one of the best in Ireland.