New innovative range of shear grabs

Two new ranges of high quality sheargrabs developed and produced by SlurryKat have just entered the market in time for the winter feeding period.

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 9:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:32 pm

This is the first time the popular Northern Ireland machinery manufacturer has ventured into producing sheargrabs but was encouraged to do so by a number of farmers who were having problems with their own models.

The design team at SlurryKat heard how other sheargrabs were having difficulty handling silage and maize with high dry matter contents.

SlurryKat realised the importance of operating an efficient sheargrab with plenty of ram power to make the daily chore of feeding cattle as quick as possible without wasting time waiting on a grab closing.

The brief for the designers was to come up with a series of grabs that would reduce cutting waste and have enough force to cut the silage block quickly and efficiently.

Two ranges of grabs of various sizes were developed namely the FarmCut range offering four models from 1.35m (4’4”) wide up to 1.95m (6’4”) wide.

The second ProCut range consists of four models from 1.95m (6’4”) up to 2.55m (8’3”).

The FarmCut range is designed for the smaller less intensive livestock farm and the ProCut range has a deeper, higher capacity cutter and is designed for large intensive livestock, dairy farms and BioGas plants.

SlurryKat maintain its range of block cutters are the most superior and efficient available on the market because they are manufactured from unique high tensile grade steel and Hardox steel which will provide many years of life in this high stress application.

The larger grabs are available with two or three ram options which are uniquely designed hydraulic cylinders that provide 25 per cent more power compared to what other grab manufacturers use.

These cylinders have Nitox coated rods which eliminates any corrosion fears that can cause oil seal failures.

Unique Hardox serrated blades remain razor sharp for 50 per cent longer meaning less maintenance for the operator.

All the SlurryKat grabs have unique extra-long pivot hinge 50mm diameter pins and sleeved bushes which are 200mm long. These are double the length of many competing brands meaning many years of wear free life as this is a major stress point on all block cutters.

The cutting arc design and tine relationship gives a totally undisturbed face even with inexperienced users meaning there is no secondary fermentation on the silo face.

SlurryKat sheargrabs have the widest opening design on the market meaning highest capacity to width ratio available saving operators time with fewer journeys to the clamp.

The grabs are complete with bolt on heavy duty attachment brackets meaning if the operator changes the loader the grab can easily be attached to a different one.

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