South Tyrone UFU group enjoy day trip

​On 17th April last, South Tyrone group along with some from neighbouring group, East Tyrone, held a joint trip to finish off the group’s winter programme.

On the day the members visited Kepak Farm and then onto Alltech European Headquarters and before returning home enjoyed a delicious meal in Canal Court Hotel in Newry.

Located in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, the Kepak farm is a store-to-beef operation ran under the watchful eye of the farm manager Sam Myles who provided the tour on the day. His team includes two full-time farm hands and a part-time, office-based employee.

The farm is owned by the Kepak Group and is home to 1,500 cattle. Each year, 3,500 cattle are brought to finish on the farm and are slaughtered in Kepak’s processing plant in Clonee.

Group members at Alltech European Headquarters.Group members at Alltech European Headquarters.
Group members at Alltech European Headquarters.

The farm stretches across 320ha and the land is used to grow a range of crops, including: grass; maize; barley; wheat; and beans. These ingredients are used to formulated rations to finish the cattle.

The Group then travelled on to Alltech European Headquarters. The European Bioscience Centre was opened in Dunboyne, in 1999. The facility is home to the European Headquarters and supports 32 countries and 28 different languages.The Bioscience Centre offers a unique advantage as it houses all support functions for the European market.

The research facility in Dunboyne has a strong emphasis on fundamental research encompassing biotechnology, microbiology and chemistry-based disciplines. Alltech’s core strength, yeast technology, is researched here, where scientists look at using yeast cell wall components to bind mycotoxins and bacteria that damage the gut.

Before heading home members dined at Canal Court in Newry where they enjoyed a two course dinner.

Group Members at Kepak Farm along with Farm Manager, Sam Myles.Group Members at Kepak Farm along with Farm Manager, Sam Myles.
Group Members at Kepak Farm along with Farm Manager, Sam Myles.

Next up for the Group will be Clogher Show which will be held on Wednesday 26 July 2023. All members are welcome to stop by on the day for refreshments.

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