Tailgating and texting drive UK motorists round the bend

Tailgating and texting drive UK motorists round the bend
Tailgating and texting drive UK motorists round the bend

Road hogs and mobile-using morons are among Britons’ biggest bugbears when it comes to driving.

A new study of driving behaviour has revealed that good old fashioned poor driving such as tailgating, failing to indicate and bad parking has been joined by a host of digital distractions in the actions that most annoy other drivers.

Texting, checking social media and taking selfies at the wheel all made it into a new list of the 20 biggest driving irritations.

Tailgating remains the number one complaint for most drivers, with 57 per cent identifying it as a major complaint. Aggressive driving in general was a close second – grinding the gears of 55 per cent of those questioned, with not indicating (53 per cent) third in the list.

Sending messages at the wheel was the fifth most-complained about behaviour, winding up 47 per cent of drivers.

Show some respect

Despite other drivers apparently being full of faults, it seems most British drivers think they themselves are largely faultless. Nine in ten believe that other drivers are usually oblivious to other road users but believe themselves to be respectful road users.

The research was commissioned by Kwik Fit, who polled 2,000 British adult motorists, to highlight the importance of being considerate to other drivers. Kwik Fit spokesman Roger Griggs said:“Our study into what grinds the gears of British motorists reveals that being courteous and respectful to fellow road users is extremely important to making everyone’s journey a pleasant experience.”

Over half (56 per cent) of respondents admitted to airing their road rage by shouting and/ or screaming at road users, whilst a third admitted that they had given a rude gesture to show their frustration at other drivers. When someone is courteous, however, nine in ten said that that their mood for the day improved.

Britons’ Top 20 Modern Day Driving Irritations

  1. Tailgating (57%)
  2. Aggressive Driving (55%)
  3. Not Indicating (53%)
  4. Inconsiderate parking (50%)
  5. Texting at the wheel (47%)
  6. Lack of courtesy (saying thank you to fellow road users) (46%)
  7. Changing lanes at the last second (45%)
  8. Littering – throwing junk out of the window (43%)
  9. Hogging the middle lane (41%)
  10. Last minute braking (40%)
  11. Dawdling drivers (32%)
  12. Using social media whilst driving (31%)
  13. Undertaking (30%)
  14. Speeding (30%)
  15. Not obeying the ‘right of way’ signs (29%)
  16. Not letting other cars in a lane (28%)
  17. Horn-happy drivers – e.g. beeping the horn at other drivers at a green traffic light (27%)
  18. Not giving pedestrians priority at the zebra crossing (25%)
  19. Taking selfies whilst in traffic (24%)
  20. Road users being rude to cyclists (19%)


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