2-year-old Elin gets hands on at lambing

As lambing season gets into full swing in sheds across the country, it’s usually a case of every hand on deck when it comes to helping out.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 3:38 pm

But one little lady is really making an impression on her grandparent’s Moss Bank farm, near Ballygowan.

Not content with just looking after the pet lambs Elin Williams, who will be 3 later this month, has already assisted in lambing some of the ewes this season.

Dad Andrew said they are all very proud of sheep mad Elin who takes a keen interest in the 300 or so ewes belonging to grandparents Willie and Nicky Strain, at Drumreagh, Co Down.

He explained: “We have been amazed at how unfazed and keen to help she is given that she is only two (three at the end of March), she really does get in there and pull!!

“Last year when she was only nearly two she was into them - she loved them and she still loves sitting with the pet lambs, but she couldn’t really pull on anything.

“We are bubbling with her grandparents so with growing up here she was obviously interested in the sheep and would go out and look in the sheds. We are quite lucky that we have that option.”

Andrew explained how Elin’s love of sheep turned into a more practical past time: “We were lambing a lamb one day and she was up close watching and her grandfather was talking her through it.

“After it she said she was a bit sad and we thought maybe she had seen too much, but she was sad because she didn’t get to pull. She was like ‘oh I really wanted to pull.’

“So with the next one then she got involved and she has done a few now. She loves it. her grandpa shows her things like tickling their nose to clear the fluids and make them sneeze and her heart is with the pet lambs. She just loves the little lambs.”

Elin is the oldest in the family and she has a little brother Reece who is just 8 months old

“While he is still a little young to get involved, you can see that Reece is interested as well,” added Andrew.

“No doubt he will be helping at some point too,” he laughed.