ABP supports Air Ambulance NI

The agri-business, ABP, has entered into a new five-year sponsorship partnership with Air Ambulance NI.

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Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 12:50 pm

In a ‘first-of-its-kind’ branding agreement for Air Ambulance NI, the ABP logo is now displayed on the charity’s helicopters.

The charity, along with partners at Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, provides the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for Northern Ireland. The HEMS team delivers world-class pre-hospital care at scene that can be the difference between life and death.

ABP employs 1,700 people and works with 10,000 farming families throughout Northern Ireland. The company processes beef and lamb and has production facilities in Newry and Lurgan. ABP also operates a joint venture partnership with Fane Valley Co-Op with respect to the Linden Foods beef and lamb processing business in Dungannon.

From left: Dr Andrew Topping, Pilot Dave O'Toole and Paramedic David Marshall
From left: Dr Andrew Topping, Pilot Dave O'Toole and Paramedic David Marshall

Nearly 20 per cent increase

Last year the Air Ambulance was tasked on 692 occasions, an increase of 18.5 per cent on the previous year. Road traffic, industrial or farm accidents make up the majority of call-outs for the Air Ambulance NI.

Commenting on the announcement, George Mullan, managing director of ABP in Northern Ireland, said: “Air Ambulance NI provides a vital emergency service particularly to those living in rural and farming communities, where agricultural accidents account for up to 10 per cent of call-outs.

“Northern Ireland is incredibly fortunate to be home to this world-class service, which has the ability to make a real difference in critical situations. We are delighted to support the essential work of the air ambulance service.”

From left: Dr Andrew Topping, Pilot Dave O'Toole, Head of Fund-raising Kerry Anderson and Paramedic David Marshall

Dr Gerard O’Hare, trustee of Air Ambulance NI, said: “We have the pleasure of working with corporate partners across multiple sectors, striving to deliver partnerships that align with corporate social responsibility needs, resources and business drivers to achieve the £2m we aspire to raise annually.”

Farming incident every seven days

He added: “There is usually a farming-related incident each week which has a massive effect on the individual, family, community, and society. As a leading business in the agri-food sector, ABP has been supporting Air Ambulance NI since the start of the service in 2017. We are extremely grateful to ABP for its significant contribution to the service Air Ambulance provides to the whole community.”

Claudy farmer George Haslet was a patient of Air Ambulance NI in June 2018 following a slurry accident. George said: “I was mixing slurry when I remembered I had pet lambs in with me so went to get them out. I got the first one and then have no memory.

“I am confident that without the quick services of the air ambulance and fact that they were able to induce a coma at the scene, I wouldn’t be here today. They saved my life.”

About Air Ambulance NI

The charity Air Ambulance Northern Ireland, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, provides the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for Northern Ireland. The service brings urgent medical assistance to anywhere in the province, operating seven days a week for 12 hours per day. It can get to anywhere in Northern Ireland in approximately 25 minutes.

The HEMS team attend patients who are seriously ill or injured, bringing emergency pre-hospital care direct to the casualty with the aim of saving lives, brains and limbs.

Air Ambulance NI needs to raise £2 million each year to maintain this service so public donations are crucial. Fundraising has been severely impacted by Covid-19.

Air Ambulance NI is offering companies bespoke webinars about the service and how to become involved, bookable by phone on 028 9262 2677 or email [email protected]