Anna McErlean does the double

Saturday July 23 saw the second leg of Hagans Crofts five week dressage league get underway with a healthy amount of entries

The day started off with the Intro class, which is always a popular walk, trot test. All competitors rode very accurate tests in front of judge Coreen Abernethy with the top four placings finishing on scores of 70.43% and above.

However the top spot went to Anna McErlean on ‘Lexi’ who received a score of 9 for their straight and balanced entry up the centre line, saluting to a score of 73.25%.

Coreen certainly enjoyed watching this pair in action and left a lovely comment on their mark sheet - “A super horse! Lovely paces, rhythm and balance work. Lots of potential to progress up the levels.”

Anna McErlean, Lexi

Second place went to Caroline Herron riding her beautiful grey gelding ‘Clantara Lord Louis’, with a score 72.39%, they finished in second place and took home the blue rosette.

The newcomers class had a total of five competitors turn down the centre line which meant no one was leaving empty handed, with everyone receiving a ribbon for their efforts.

Taking home the red ribbon was Daisy Gillespie on ‘Caebryn Flying Wild’ finishing on a score of 69.17% and some lovely comments from judge Coreen Abernethy - “A lovely eye catching pony who has beautiful canter steps. Lovely work today.”

Taking home the blue ribbon - Jas Hogg on ‘Jack the Lad’ with a finishing score of 66.25%.

Caroline Herron, Clantara Lord Louis

Onto the third class of the day - Prelim. The most popular class of the day with a total of 15 horse and riders taking part.

However it was a winning day for Anna McErlean, this time on her second mount of the day ‘Roo’, the pair saluted to a top score and the best score of the overall day - 75.69%, there was no doubt they were coming home with the red ribbon for their foot perfect performance.

Daisy Gillespie and ‘Caebryn Flying Wild’, bettered their score from the previous class, achieving 73.45% and a second place ribbon for the prelim class.

This pair have a lovely partnership and organisers hope to see more of them in the league.

Daisy Gillespie, Caebryn Flying Wild

The Novice class saw Lynne Robinson and Kaiti McCann finish on the same total percentage - 71.43%, therefore it was down to who got the highest collective mark.

There was only one point in it, which was enough for Lynne Robinson and ‘Hope’ to take the win, and second place for Kaiti McCann and ‘Cookie’ in second place. Well done to both competitors and their great sportsmanship.

Next on the schedule was the elementary class, were a whisker could have separated the top two placings. However on the day it was Michael Boyd and ‘VSH James Bond’ who took the win with 69.33% followed by Rachel Rendle and ‘Meg’ with 69.17%, well done!

Normally the elementary class is the last class of the day however after a few requests a last minute decision to put on a Medium test was made.

Michael Boyd, VSH James Bond

A total of two competitors took on the challenge and it was lovely to see tests ridden at this high level.

Once again it was the red ribbon for Michael Boyd and ‘VSH James Bond’ followed by Victoria McCandless and ‘Koolstyle’

To find out more about the league, contact Gillian on 07849 106453 or visit

Dressage Results

Class 1: INTRO: British Dressage, Introductory C, 2016

1) Anna McErlean, Lexi 73.26%; 2) Caroline Herron, Clantara Lord Louis 72.39%; 3) Shannon Magee, Canary Row 70.43%; 4) Helen Sawey, Max 70.43%; 5) Angela Hutchinson, Knockahunna Oscar 69.35%; 6) Cathryn McCarroll, Maggi May 68.26%

Class 2: NEWCOMERS PRELIM: British Dressage, Prelim 14, 2006

1) Daisy Gillespie, Caebryn Flying Wild 69.17%; 2) Jas Hogg, Jack The Lad 66.25%; 3) Danny McComb, Tilly 62.29%; 4) Ellen Rooney, Lor Ruadh’s Ceallach 60.83%; 5) Carla Owens, Brackenfinch Bon Bon 59.79%.

Class 3: PRELIM: British Dressage, Prelim 2, 2016

1) Anna McErlean, Roo 75.69%; 2) Daisy Gillespie, Caebryn Flying Wild 73.45% 3) Debbie Burns, Streamstown lad 71.55%; 4) Shannon Magee, Rostrevor Ard RÃ- 71.38%; 5) Roberta Maginnis, Burrenhill Jaguar 71.21%; 6) Caroline Herron, Clantara Lord Louis 70.69%.