Ardnacashel Autumn Dressage League attracts good numbers

Ardnacashel were pleased to host week three of their autumn dressage league on Sunday 17th October 2021.

Hannah McCoosh on Nera fourth in 4 and 5 year old class
Hannah McCoosh on Nera fourth in 4 and 5 year old class

Judges Lucinda Webb and Fiona Young took charge of busy classes across the two arenas and a high level of competition.

A large intro junior class started off competition in ring 1 judged by Fiona Young.

The class was won by Jackson Laing on his lovely pony Prada with a score of 72.4%.

Keely Hopkins third in newcomers on Bailey Beau

Intro senior followed on from the juniors with the class being won by Karina McVeigh on the lovely Coco with a score of 72.39%.

Prelim Junior was next on the schedule with this class being won by Niamh Rooney on Toffee with 76.15% in a test that highly impressed the judge.

A huge prelim senior I class came next with Louise McMinn on Lisbane Wizard scoring 78.65% in a beautifully relaxed and accurate test.

Over in ring 2 Lucinda Webb started her judging with the prelim senior II class, this was won by Robyn Catterall showing off her side saddle expertise on Arctic Eclipse with a score of 74.2%.

Victoria Hale third in prelim senior I on Robbie

The newcomers class was next on the list and Lucy Donnan took the lead by an impressive 10% scoring 74.8% with her Killoughter Nugget. 

In the novice class Reese Hogg took the honours with her lovely bay Smythy.

The 4 and 5 year old class, always exciting to watch for new and upcoming talent was won by Dale Roberts with Bellini.

Finishing the day was the elementary class which was won by Victoria McCandless with Koolstyle.

Elissa Cowan on Beltoy Panteal fourth in intro junior

Many thanks to judges Lucinda Webb and Fiona Young for their expertise, special thanks also to the scribes and of course our scorers who work tirelessly to ensure all competitors get their score sheets promptly

Photographs courtesy of Hannah Jane Equine Photography


Intro junior

1st Jackson Laing - Prada

2nd Rebecca Cowan - Ruby Tuesday

3rd Delilah Dillon - Tara

4th Elissa Cowan - Beltoy Panteal

5th Matthew Lyttle - RJ

6th Maisie Elliott - Bubba

Intro senior

1st Karina McVeigh - Coco

2nd Kerry Dickson - A Stolen Star

3rd Catherine McCarroll - Maggi May

4th Suzanne Cobain - Nora

5th Jackie Flynn - Meikle Dumbledore

6th Lindy Anstey - Sox


1st Lucy Donnan - Killoughter Nugget

2nd Alice Gilmour - Harvey Moon

3rd Keely Hopkins - Bailey Beau

4th Siobhan Holloway - Kind of Magic

5th Molly Rooney - Skylark Molly

6th Vicky Warnock - Buzz

Prelim junior

1st Niamh Rooney - Toffee

2nd Hollie Donnan - Bob

3rd Abbie Connor - Clohan Glory

4th Jackson Laing - Wesley

5th Eve Adair - Ballygarriss Robe

6th Robyn McMurray - Rocco Banana Man

Prelim senior I

1st Louise McMinn - Lisbane Wizard

2nd Simone Edwards - Lulu

3rd Victoria Hale - Robbie

4th Sharon Madine - Miguel Angel

5th Joanne Cairns - Ronnie

6th Helen Andrews - April Pizzazz

Prelim senior II

1st Robyn Catterall - Arctic Eclipse

2nd Gemma Rodgers - Oscar


1st Reese Hogg - Smythy

2nd Katie Watson - Lissyegan Bay News

3rd Olivia Courtney - Moo

4 and 5 year olds

1st Dale Roberts - Bellini

2nd Lauren Madine - Drumseek Prince

3rd Claire Forsythe - Western Warrior

4th Hannah McCoosh - Nera

5th Shenade Duggan - Henry


1st Victoria McCandless - Koolstyle

2nd Reese Hogg - Smythy

3rd Hollie Donnan - Killoughter Nugget