Ballygally farm to host EasyCare Open Evening next month

Campbell Tweed will host an EasyCare Open Evening at his Ballygally farm on Tuesday 2 August. Proceedings get underway at 6pm.

This annual event represents a unique opportunity to gauge directly the developments that are taking place at Ballycoose farm with regard to the use of wool shedding and easy care genetics in a totally commercial setting.

Every lamb born within the Tweed flock is performance recorded from birth.

This year’s guest speaker is veterinarian George King, a specialist in small ruminant management systems.

Campbell Tweed will host an EasyCare Open Evening on Tuesday 2 August.

A native of the Newry area, the Glasgow University-based academic will be discussing his latest development work and how they relate to modern sheep farming systems.

All visitors will be made more than welcome on the evening in question.

Campbell Tweed recognises that increasing numbers of farmers are now actively seeking comprehensive performance figures when it comes to deciding which new bloodlines best suit their flock development needs.

The Ballycoose enterprise comprises 3,000 EasyCare breeding ewes. The flock is totally self contained with all lambs not going for breeding brought through to finishing weights.

The enterprise is staffed to allow the additional performance recording work throughout the year. This, in itself, is a very powerful illustration of what ‘easy care’ sheep management is all about.

Campbell took the decision of going down the self shedding route after the wool price crash of 1999. So he has had almost 25 years’ experience of working with this particular type of sheep. “Visitors will have the opportunity of seeing a selection of ewes and rams,” he said.

“EasyCare sheep have a key role to play on sheep farms of all types.”

He added: “They are particularly suited to flock owners with limited available time. To a large extent, the sheep can manage themselves.”

Campbell is currently selling both breeding EasyCare ewes and lambs to flock owners throughout Ireland and the UK, adding: “We are offering fully recorded stock that can add significantly to any sheep enterprise. Demand for EasyCare bloodlines is on the up and this trend shows no sign of diminishing.”

Anyone wishing to attend the Open Evening should contact Campbell Tweed on +44 (0) 7802 835355. The address for Ballycoose Farm is 31 Ballycoose Road, Ballygally BT40 2RW.