Beef bullocks selling to £1820 for 662kg at Enniskillen Mart

Another good supply of stock sold well. Beef bullocks to 283ppk for a 662kg Limousin at £1820.

Light weights to 343ppk for a 452kg Charolais at £1550.

Knockraven producer 662kg Limousin at £1820; Culkey producer 636kg Charolais at £1840, 666kg Charolais at £1670, 650kg Charolais at £1780, 666kg Charolais at £1750, 642kg Charolais at £1720; Macken producer 526kg Limousin at £1370, 564kg Charolais at £1470, 434kg Charolais at £1160, 586kg Charolais at £1570, 484kg Charolais at £1270; Belleek producer 500kg Charolais at £1380, 432kg Charolais at £1220, 376kg Charolais at £1120, 364kg Charolais at £1100; Derrylester producer 514kg Limousin at £1420, 476kg Limousin at £1150, 466kg Charolais at £1220; Lack producer 366kg Aberdeen Angus at £700, 362kg Aberdeen Angus at £790, 336kg Aberdeen Angus at £700; Fivemiletown producer 506kg Charolais at £1560, 470kg Charolais at £1500, 452kg Charolais at £1550; Kinawley producer 436kg Charolais at £1130, 360kg Limousin at £1060, 484kg Limousin at £1210; Derrylin producer 572kg Limousin at £1640, 588kg Limousin at £1570, 568kg Limousin at £1590, 580kg Charolais at £1680, 608kg Aberdeen Angus at £1670, 658kg Charolais at £1720; Kesh producer 424kg Charolais at £1240, 426kg Limousin at £1250 and Kilsheery producer 624kg Aberdeen Angus at £1560, 662kg Charolais at £1710.


Enniskillen MartEnniskillen Mart
Enniskillen Mart

Letterbreen producer 582kg Charolais at £1640, 720kg Aberdeen Angus at £1620, 642kg Aberdeen Angus at £1590, 582kg Aberdeen Angus at £1470; Kinawley producer 490kg Blonde d'Aquitaine at £1270, 490kg Aberdeen Angus at £1240, 520kg Aberdeen Angus at £1410; Derrylin producer 386kg Charolais at £1300, 380kg Charolais at £1200, 352kg Limousin at £1210, 404kg Charolais at £1310, 360kg Charolais at £1230, 452kg Limousin at £1500, 404kg Charolais at £1400, 400kg Charolais at £1330, 462kg Hereford at £1280; Irvinestown producer 572kg Charolais at £1760, 628kg Limousin (bull) at £1640, 640kg Charolais at £1810, 586kg Simmental at £1590, 612kg Charolais at £1740, 576kg Limousin at £1690; Fivemiletown producer 360kg Charolais at £1130, 348kg Limousin at £1040; Derrylin producer 510kg Limousin at £1510, 604kg Limousin at £1580, 542kg Charolais at £1600; Roscor producer 488kg Charolais at £1500, 376kg Charolais at £1340, 404kg Charolais at £1370; Belleek producer 392kg Charolais at £1390; Ballinamallard producer 500kg Charolais at £1610, 512kg Limousin at £1530, 502kg Charolais at £1610, 542kg Limousin at £1650, 576kg Charolais at £1730, 526kg Charolais at £1650; Magheraveely producer 592kg Blonde d'Aquitaine at £1710, 544kg Limousin at £1580; Kesh producer 650kg Blonde d'Aquitaine at £1840, 640kg Charolais at £1710, 604kg Charolais at £1700, 662kg Limousin at £1830, 624kg Limousin at £1840; Clogher producer 492kg Limousin at £1550, 504kg Limousin at £1510, 558kg Charolais (bull) at £1690; Garrison producer 430kg Charolais at £1240, 404kg Charolais at £1190, 486kg Charolais at £1260; Tempo producer 490kg Charolais at £1460, 490kg Charolais at £1480, 410kg Charolais at £1290; Enniskillen producer 660kg at £1640, 624kg Charolais at £1570, 660kg Limousin at £1790; Belcoo producer 494kg Charolais at £1410, 454kg Charolais at £1370; Coa producer 396kg Friesian at £700, 334kg Friesian at £650; Trillick producer 496kg Limousin at £1450; Macken produce 552kg Aberdeen Angus at £1570, 768kg Charolais (bull) at £2000 and Ballygawlley producer 458kg Friesian at £980, 462kg Holstein at £940, 438kg Friesian at £900.


In the weanling ring bullocks sold from £700 to £1460 for a Charolais 464kg.

Heifers sold from 600 to 1350 for a Charolais 498kg.

Ruling prices

Kinawley producer 464kg Charolais steer at £1460, 351kg Charolais steer at £1160, 227kg Charolais steer at £790, 324kg Limousin bull at £1090; Belcoo producer 393kg Charolais bull at £1150, 498kg Charolais heifer at £1350, 424kg Charolais bull at £1220; Belleek producer 271kg Charolais heifer at £860, 266kg Limousin heifer at £720, 313kg Charolais heifer at £940, 299kg Limousin bull at £940, 298kg Charolais steer at £1090, 288kg Charolais heifer at £920; Garrison producer 255kg Charolais steer at £900, 355kg Charolais steer at £1100, 235kg Charolais heifer at £730, 267kg Charolais heifer at £900, 295kg Charolais bull at £1000; Belleek producer 339kg Charolais heifer at £950, 336kg Charolais heifer at £920, 374kg Charolais heifer at £1040; Monea producer 334kg Charolais bull at £1140, 292kg Charolais bull at £990, 285kg Charolais bull at £990; Kesh producer 333kg Limousin bull at £1100, 370kg Limousin heifer at £1100, 365kg Limousin bull at £1110; Enniskillen producer 401kg Charolais heifer at £1240, 304kg Limousin heifer at £940; Rosslea producer 445kg Charolais heifer at £1200, 328kg Charolais heifer at £930; Florencecourt producer 408kg Charolais heifer at £1280, 420kg Charolais heifer at £1200, 358kg Charolais steer at £1220; Fivemiletown producer 315kg Limousin steer at £940, 328kg Charolais heifer at £930; Lisnaskea producer 360kg Charolais steer at £1000, 425kg Limousin heifer at £970, 284kg Charolais heifer at £790 and Enniskillen producer 335kg Charolais heifer at £970, 271kg Charolais heifer at £870, 339kg Charolais heifer at £1030.


Beef bred bull calves sold from £200 to £460 for a Limousin.

Heifers to £340 for a Hereford.

Suckler cows

Suckler cows sold to a top of £2550 paid for a Charolais cow with Hereford Charolais heifer calf at foot.

Kesh producer Charolais cow with Charolais heifer calf at £2550, Charolais cow with Limousin heifer calf at £2200; Fivemiletown producer Blonde d'Aquitaine cow with Charolais heifer calf at £2400; Newtownbutler producer Charolais cow incalf at £1520, Charolais cow in calf at £1420 and Trillick producer Limousin cow with Charolais heifer at £1660.


Beef lots sold to 289ppk paid for a 600kg Charolais at £1730.

Light weights sold from 300ppk for a 400kg Charolais at £1200.

Tempo producer Charolais 600k at £1730, Charolais 560kg at £1650; Enniskillen producer Irish Moile 580kg at £1600, Charolais 500kg at £1560; Belcoo producer Charolais 530kg at £1470, Charolais 500kg at £1460; Fivemiletown producer Charolais 550kg at £1420 and Derrygonnelly producer Charolais 530kg at £1410, Charolais 520kg at £1380.

Fat cows

Cast cows sold to £1880 for a Charolais 756kg 248ppk.

Fat bulls sold to £2140 for a Limousin bull 994kg 215ppk.