‘Blonde, the sire for the future’

With spring in the air, and calving in full flow, cattle farmers’ thoughts turn to planning for the breeding season ahead.

Sunday, 21st March 2021, 12:00 pm
Alan Carson of ASC Farm Services who are celebrating 25 years in business this year
Alan Carson of ASC Farm Services who are celebrating 25 years in business this year

You may be considering changing your bull, with spring an ideal time to do so, but have you considered changing your breed of bull?

With farm inputs increasing in cost and available labour becoming a growing issue on many livestock farms, the need for efficient and credible farm outputs are becoming more important now than ever. This is where a British Blonde bull can help. The Blonde is well known as one of, if not, the easiest calving continental sires available today, due to their finer bone structure in comparison to other breeds. An easily delivered calf is often more lively at birth and as such will stand and suck its dam quickly. The dam herself after delivering the calf unassisted will usually begin to cycle in a shorter period of time than that following a difficult birth, both these benefits will ultimately help to drive farm profits in the right direction, but calving ease is just one string to this multipurpose breed’s bow. Blonde sired cattle regularly top trials for feed conversion efficiency and growth rates, meaning that Blonde cattle will produce more weight gain for every 1kg of food input in comparison to other breeds. Decreased feed input coupled with impressive growth rates mean animals reach slaughter or weaning/selling age quickly and again this will help to increase farm profits. For the finisher a Blonde sired animal will achieve a very high kill out percentage, and a meat to bone ratio other breeds can only envy which ultimately will help to maximise profits.

When thinking about purchasing your next bull, consider a Blonde, it could be the best farm management decision you will make.

The NI Blonde Cattle Club are holding their annual spring sale of bulls on Tuesday, April 6 at Dungannon Farmers Mart. Once again the sale is very kindly sponsored by Alan Carson form ASC Farm Services. All entries will be pre-sale tested negative for BVD, Johnes, Lepto and IBR, purchase with confidence. Catalogues can be obtained from Dungannon Farmers Mart 028 8772 2727.

ASC is celebrating their 25th year of business in 2021. The core of the business is accurate pregnancy detection scanning of both cows and sheep across Northern Ireland. In addition the business retails agricultural products from industry renowned companies Agritech and Natural Stockcare. The Agritech range includes the highly acclaimed Tipperary grass seed mixes, Welmin minerals, silage additive, Vitalac calf replacer and bedding conditioners. Natural Stockcare is a name well known in pedigree livestock breeding circles and includes a vast array of liquid mineral supplements as well as prebiotic powders and pastes.

Alongside his business Alan runs a select herd of pedigree British Blonde cattle under the Lyon prefix. Established in 2002 the herd totals 12 cows with stock bull Hillhead Lawrence being awarded champion stock bull in the Northern Ireland pedigree herd competition in 2019. Alan believes the modern day British Blonde has developed considerably to meet the needs of today’s market and he focuses his efforts on breeding cattle with this in mind.

For further information please contact NI Blonde Cattle Chairman Roger Johnston on 07776278313 or search for ‘NI Blonde Cattle Club’ on Facebook.