Breed record smashed at premier Suffolk sale

The Suffolk breed record in NI was smashed three times and equalled twice such was the demand for Suffolks throughout Ireland, UK and Europe at the recent Suffolk Sheep Society Northern Ireland Branch Premier Export Show & Sale at Ballymena.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 9:52 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 4:41 pm
4,400gns from J Smyth sold to E&J Gould, Co. Londonderry.
4,400gns from J Smyth sold to E&J Gould, Co. Londonderry.

Leading Co. Antrim breeder, Alastair Gault, Forkins flock took the new breed record of 18,000gns with a son of Birness Freedom out of a Forkins ewe by Forkins Fandango selling in a three way split to Robin McAdoo of the Threeways flock, Co. Tyrone, Gary McAdoo, Knockadoo flock, Co. Tyrone & the Glyde flock of Philip Lynch, Co. Louth. The Premier Show and Sale was held over two consecutive days with Jason & Campbell Watson, Bannview flock clinching the Supreme Champion & Male Champion title with a son of Middlemuir Commander out of a Bannview ewe by Malinhead Jumping Jack before being knocked down to Judge Paul Delves for 6,000gns as a new addition to his Bridgeview flock.

With the inclusion of females this year Donbraid Flock owner Ian Donald took the red rosette in the ewe lamb class and Overall Female Champion selling to 1,550gns to Tiago Graca, Portugal. Philip Kennedy went on to take 2nd selling to 950gns to Steve Nee, Belgium, Rodney Blair 3rd also selling to Steve Nee for 900gns.

The shearing ewe class saw Jason & Campbell Watson come out with the winning rosette and going on to take the Reserve Female Champion award selling to 1,100gns to S Wasson, Co. Donegal. Patrick McVerry took 2nd & 3rd selling to 1,600gns & 1,300gns respectively.

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3rd Prize ram lamb from S&W Tait sold for 14,000gns to C Storder, France

Next up the Gigot ram lamb class saw Co. Antrim breeder Brian McVicker of the Causeway flock paying 4,000gns for the 1st prize Salopian Scuderia sired lamb from the Burnview flock of Stephanie & William Tait. Alastair Gault took 2 nd with his Birness Freedom sired ram being knocked down to

Robin & Gary McAdoo and Philip Lynch for the breed record of 18,000gns. Jack Smyth took 3rd selling to E&J Gould, Coleraine for 4,400gns.

Meanwhile Philip Kennedy, Cavanagrove flock took 1st in the coveted Novice class selling to fellow Co. Tyrone breeder Colm McAleer for 2,000gns. 2nd Andrew Wilson selling to 1,500gns to C Storder, France & 3rd Michael Smyth, The Vews selling to 15,000gns to Seamus Browne of the Errigal flock Co. Donegal.

In soaring temperatures and with an impressive line up of ram lambs Delves had a difficult task ahead to select his winner but Bannview flock owners Jason & Campbell Watson came out on top to secure the winning rosette going on to take Overall Supreme Champion with their Middlemuir Commander sired lamb and selling to Judge Paul Delves for 6,000gns. Stephen Sufferin of the Crewelands flock went on to take 2nd and Reserve Overall Champion with his Solwaybank Champion sired lamb changing hands for 12,000gns to Birness flock owner G Stuart & Craig Patterson, Cranorskie flock, Aberdeenshire & 3rd S&W Tait a Strathbogie Joel sired lamb sold to C Storder, France for 14,000gns.

3rd Prize Novice ram lamb from Michael Smyth sold for 15,000gns to Seamus Browne, Co. Donegal

The pen of three honours went to the Oakbridge flock of Philip Gurney with Lesley & Mervyn Liggett & Alastair Gault runners up.

This year also seen the introduction of two Young Handler classes. Lara Taylor took the winning rosette in the U14 class, 2nd Jack Moses, 3rd Neale Fleming. U18 saw Sam Lucas take the red rosette, Anna Taylor 2nd and Christopher McClurig 3rd. Congratulations to everyone who took part, great to see such enthusiasm with upcoming Suffolk Young breeders.

As mentioned earlier in the report the breed record was smashed three times and equalled twice.

A Gault 18,000gns sold in a three way split to Robin McAdoo, Threeways flock, Co. Tyrone, Gary McAdoo, Knockadoo flock, Co. Tyrone & Philip Lynch, Glyde flock, Co. Louth

2nd Prize Ram lamb & Reserve Champion from Stephen Sufferin sold for 12,000gns to G Stuart, & C Patterson Aberdeenshire

W Smyth 15,000gns sold to Seamus Browne, Errigal flock, Co. Donegal

S&W Tait 14,000gns sold to C Storder, France

S&W Tait 13,000gns sold in a three way split to Martin & Eoin Butler, Castlewood flock, Co. Antrim, Danny McKay, Rowandale flock, Co. Antrim and Michael McNally, Benedyglen flock, Co. Derry

PDW Taylor 13,000gns sold to Norman Robinson, Benrafton flock, Co. Down & Tommy Feeney, Drumbarron flock, Co. Monaghan

13,000gns from S&W Tait sold to M&E Butler, D McKay & M McNally

Leading prices on the day:

S Sufferin 12,000gns sold to G Stuart, Birness flock, Aberdeenshire & Craig Patterson, Cranorskie flock, Aberdeenshire.

PDW Taylor 11,000gns sold to Stev Nee, Belgium

M Priestley 9,000gs sold in a four way split to A Barkley, Blackbrae flock, Co. Antrim, Andrew Wilson, Castleisle flock, Co. Donegal, David Duncan, Duncan’s flock, Co. Antrim & David Ford, Mullaghboy flock, Co. Antrim

S Sufferin 7,500gs sold to Grant Brothers, Craigdoo flock, Co. Down & Dickson Brothers, Islandmoyle Suffolks, Co. Down

A Barkley 7,500gns sold to RC&JC Watson, Bannview flock, Co. Antrim

11,000gns D Taylor sold to S Nee, Belgium

A Gault 6,000gns sold to John McKay, Kirkview flock, Co. Antrim

RC&JC Watson 6,000gns sold to Paul Delves, Bridgeview Flock, Wales

A Gault 5,400gns sold to Stev Nee, Belgium

D Duncan 5,000gns sold to Patrick McVerry, Tullywinney flock, Co. Down & Anthony Patton, Carrowmoney flock, Co. Down.

J Smyth 4,400gns sold to Elizabeth & James Gould, Ringsend flock, Co. Londonderry

P Kennedy 4,400gns sold to John Foster, Caslederg

S&W Tait 4,000gns sold to B McVicker, Causeway flock, Co. Antrim

Andrew Moses 3,800gns sold to P Murphy, Co. Kildare

M Smyth 3,600gns sold to J Dorran, Co. Sligo

M Priestley 2,700gns, sold to J Dufrane, France

P Donnelly 2,600gns sold to M Goldie, Harpercroft flock, Kilmarnock

Grant Bros 2,500gns sold to J Hanly, Co. Tipperary

A Wilson 2,300gns sold to J Moon, Carclinty flock, Co. Antrim

A Barkley 2,300gns sold to P Grant, Craigdoo flock, Co. Down

S Sufferin 2,400gns sold to S Toye, Boveedy flock, Kilrea

PDW Taylor 2,100gns, sold to B Roth, Tolgus flock, Cornwall

P Kennedy 2,000gns, sold to C McAleer, Kerrib flock, Co. Tyrone

S Sufferin 1,900gns sold to A Moses, Blackstown flock, Co. Antrim

M McNally 1,700gns sold to E Jeffery, Kilbeg flock, Co. Cork

N Daly 1,700gns sold to T Kavanagh, Co. Donegal

A Gault 1,700gns sold to G Powell, Shropshire

P Gurney 1,700gns sold to W Campbell, Co. Londonderry

A Wilson 1,700gns sold to S Nee, Belgium

D Ford 1,600gns sold to J Foster, Castlederg

S&R Turkington 1,600gns sold to J Lucas, Finnvale Flock, Co. Donegal

P McVerry 1,600gns sold to M Herron, Ballyward flock, Co. Down (shearling ewe)

S&W Tait 1,600gns sold to R McWilliams, Co. Londonderry

I Donald 1,550gns sold to T Graca, Portugal (ewe lamb)

L&M Liggett 1,500gns sold to J Howard, North Yorkshire

S&M Maginnes 1,500gns sold to R Martins, Portugal

A Gault 1,500gns sold to Luis Rodrigues, Portugal

A Wilson 1,500gns sold to C Storder, France

D&A McNeilly 1,400gns sold to J Hegarty, Benhead Flock, Co. Antrim

R Gurney 1,400gns sold to A Diaz, Spain

PDW Taylor 1,400gns sold to P Coakley, Co. Cork

L Liggett 1,300gns sold to P Gallagher, Co. Donegal

P McVerry 1,300gns sold to A Hume, Cork (shearling ewe)

M Butler 1,300gns sold to S O’Connor, Islandmore flock, Co. Kerry

D Ford 1,300gns sold to J Cuffe, Co. Mayo

S&W Tait 1,300gns sold to A Simpson, Co. Tyrone

P Donnelly 1,300gns sold to B O’Donnell, Co. Donegal

N Daly 1,200gns sold to R McAdoo, Co. Tyrone

S Sufferin 1,200gns sold to M Murray, Aberdeenshire

R Gurney 1,200gns sold to G Douglas, Co. Londonderry

P Gurney 1,200gns sold to J Jennings, Co. Mayo

RC&JC Watson 1,100gns sold to S Wasson, Co. Donegal (shearling ewe)

S Sufferin 1,100gns sold to T Sousa, Portugal

S Sufferin 1,100gns sold to R Harron, Co. Donegal

The sale saw an 82% clearance with an average of £1,976 and 157 sheep sold.

This year also saw the introduction of Marteye with online biding very prevalent with over 60 lots sold to SOI, UK & Europe.

Thank you to lead sponsors Danske Bank. Strabane Mills, Co. Tyrone who sponsored meal for 1st prize winners in each of our classes. Advertisers - Steele Farm Supplies, James Delargy Farm Supplies, Liggett Electronic Solutions, NFU Mutual, Donbraid Livestock Services, Smyths Daleside, United Feeds, Wilsons of Rathkenny & Natural Stockcare we appreciate your continued support.

A word of thanks also to all the staff of Ballymena Livestock Mart, Fraser Tweed Veterinary Inspector, Alfie Shaw Agriimages and everyone who made the show & sale a success.


Ewe lamb I Donald, 2 P Kennedy, 3 R Blair

Shearling ewe 1 RC&JCWatson, 2 P McVerry, 3 P McVerry

Gigot Ram Lamb 1 S&W Tait, 2 A Gault, 3 J Smyth

Novice Cup 1 P Kennedy, 2 A Wilson, 3 M Smyth

Ram Lamb 1 RC&JC Watson, 2 S Sufferin, 3 S&W Tait

Group of 3 1 P Gurney, 2 L&M Liggett, 3 A Gault

Female Champion: I Donald; Reserve: RC&JC Watson

Male Champion: RC&JC Watson; Reserve: S Sufferin

Supreme Champion: RC&JC Watson

Reserve Champion: S Sufferin

Young Handlers

U14: 1 Lara Taylor; 2 Jack Moses; 3 Neale Fleming

U18: 1 Sam Lucas; 2 Anna Taylor; 3 Christopher McClurig

Winning Group of three from P & R Gurney sold for 1,700, 1,200 & 1,150gns. respectively with Samuel Ritchie, Strabane Mills supporting the NI Suffolk Branch Premier Sale
9,000gns M Priestley sold to A Barkley, A Wilson, D Duncan & D Ford
2,500gns from Grant Bros. sold to J Hanly, Co. Tipperary
5,400gns A Gault sold to S Nee, Belgium
5,000gns D Duncan sold to P McVerry & A Patton
4,400gns from P Kennedy sold to J Foster, Castlederg
7,500gns S Sufferin sold to P Grant & Dickson Brothers
7,500gns A Barkley sold to RC&JC Watson, Co. Antrim
1st Prize u14 Young Handler Lara Taylor 5th prize ram lamb from D Taylor selling for 13,000gns to AJ Robinson & T Feeney
1st Prize Ram Lamb, Male Champion & Overall Supreme Champion from RC&JC Watson sold for 6,000gns to Paul Delves, Wales
1st Prize Novice Ram Lamb from Philip Kennedy sold for 2,000gns to Colm McAleer, Co. Tyrone
1st prize Gigot Ram lamb from S&W Tait sold for 4,000gns to B McVicker, Bushmills Photo Gerard McDermott & Samuel Ritchie, Strabane Mills
1st prize ewe lamb and female champion from Ian Donald sold for 1,550gns to Tiago Graca, Portugal
2nd prize Gigot Ram from Alastair Gault sold for the Breed Record of 18,000gns in a three way split to Robin & Gary McAdoo, Co. Tyrone & Philip Lynch, Co. Louth
2,400gns from S Sufferin sold to S Toye, Kilrea