Bullocks selling to £1330 at Lisahally

A great trade in Lisahally with top prices for bullocks at £1330 for 610kg and heifers £1270 for 580kg.


Patrick Gormley £1330/610kg £1320/640kg £1300/650kg, E Wiley £1030/460kg £960/380kg £840/320kg £820/360kg £800/310kg, Danny Mullan £860/360kg £760/380kg £710/310kg £640/300kg, T and W McFarland £770/370kg, Colm Murray £680/230kg and T Mc Quaid £700/330kg £690/310kg £660/300kg.


William Mc Gaughey £1270/580kg £1130/530kg £1100/530kg, E Wiley £1120/410kg £1060/450kg £850/360kg £850/390kg £810/320kg £700/320kg, Kelly Farms £1090/520kg £1030/500kg £1000/490kg, T McQuaid £790/350kg £760/340kg £700/340kg, M O’Hara £700/360kg, T and W McFarland £700/370kg and Colm Murray £650/260kg £620/240kg.

A steady trade in Lisahally this week with fat lambs topping £120.50 and fat ewes £150.

Fat lambs

K Robinson £120.50/26.9kg, Cochran Boyle £120/28.5kg, John Logue £120/32kg £119/27.5kg £118/32kg, John Cuthbert £119/25kg £116/25kg, Roland Wilson £119/27kg £114.50/24.5kg, William Cameron £119/26kg, Reid Clarke £118/26kg, Charlie Mc Devitt £118/27kg £106/23kg, Robert Devine £117/25kg, C and M Elwee £115/25kg and George Mc Kinney £104/23.5kg.

Fat ewes

Fairmount Farm £150 Charlie Mc Devitt £148, David Poston £144 £97, J and H Carmichael £142 £135 £113 William Cameron £141, James Duddy £138 £137 Roland Wilson £131, SH and R Millen £130 and Mathew Millar £120.

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