Bullocks selling to £1530 for 790kg at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart
A swift trade on Wednesday as cattle sell to remarkable prices.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Owen McDevitt £1530/790kg, £1390/720kg, J Donnell £1510/730kg, John Arbuckle £1490/720kg, Robert Quigley £1380/650kg, £1380/630kg, D Young £1370/680kg, £1360/680kg, £1310/670kg, Matthew Blair £1330/660kg, John Arbuckle £1280/590kg, £1220/610kg, Owen McDevitte £1230/700kg, Scott Dunlop £1200/600kg, John Young £1170/610kg, £1160/570kg, Raymond Snodgrass £160/470kg, £1120/540kg, Meadowbrook Farm £1100/680kg, R and P McLaughlin £1090/530kg, £1090/630kg, John Young £1090/580kg, £1080/600kg, £1060/550kg, £1050/530kg, James McMackin £1080/510kg, Raymons Snodgrass £100/510kg, Shane O'Neill £1080/440kg, Alexander McLaughlin £1050/460kg, Meadowbrook Farm £1010/600kg, £1000/600kg, £990/600kg, £990/580kg and R and P McLaughlin £1000/490kg.

HEIFERS: Richard Allison £1470/660kg, £1360/660kg, £1280/610kg, £1140/550kg, Robert Houston £1390/640kg, £1280/640kg, £1270/600kg, £1200/590kg, £1110/570kg, John Arbuckle £1380/670kg, £1200/600kg, Robert Black £150/510kg, Mark McCrabbe £1140/550kg, William Bond £1120/620kg, A McLaughlin £1090/540kg, £1080/540kg, £1080/530kg, £1060/540kg, M ark McCrabbe £1080/570kg, £1080/560kg, Adrian Lyle £1060/540kg, James McMackin £1040/480kg, Adrian Lyle £1010/520kg, James Lowry £990/450kg, M McCrabbe £980/510kg, James Mackin £970/470kg, Robert Black £970/510kg, £970/510kg, Mark McCrabbe £970/500kg, William Dunn £960/460kg, James Lowry £940/520kg, Shane O'Neill £910/410kg, William Dunn £900/480kg and James Lowry £890/520kg, £840/440kg.

FAT COWS: Robert Campbell £1469.60/880kg, N Blair £1085/620kg, Patsy Sharkey £1060.80/780kg, Terence McCracken £970.20/660kg and N Blair £913.50/630kg.

Another large entry as fat lambs selling to £108 on Tuesday.

Store lambs selling to £83 and fat ewes selling to £107.

FAT LAMBS: Samuel Eaton £108/28kg, John McDevitt £108/25kg, Rginald Hamilton £105/29kg, Hilary Deery £105/23kg, Douglas McClelland £105/25kg, Wilbert McLenaghan £104/4kg, Rodger Hayes £104/28kg, John Young £102/24kg, £101.50/24kg, Leona Young £102/24kg, Harry Kelly £100/26kg, R Hancock £100/24kg, Reginald Hancock £100/25kg, W and D Devine £100/23kg, Patrick Duffy £100/25kg, Niell McBeth £99.50/23kg, S Eaton £99/24kg, A Fleming £98/24kg, Jennifer Clarke £98/23kg, Peter O'Neill £98/22kg, Stephen Morrow £98/22kg, John Connolly £97/22kg, N McBeth £97/23kg, J Carton £96/21kg, Kenneth Walsh £96/22kg, Moris McDonald £95.50/22kg, Stephen Morrow £95/22kg, C McCrudden £95/22kg, Vincent McAteer £95/22kg, Ronald Wilson £94.50, W and D Devine £94.50/22kg, Andrew Olphert £94.50, R Hancock £94/22kg, Robert Lowry £94/22kg, O Allen £94/21kg, £94/22kg, Richard Kennedy £94/22kg, Ruth Hylands £93.50/22kg, Martin Clerkin £93/22kg/22kg, Edward Quigley £93/21kg, Vincent McAteer £93/21kg, S McCay £93/22kg, B McShane £93/21kg and M I Deery £93.

STORE LAMBS: D Holland £83, Desmond Rafferty £83, JA Carton £82, Brysn Jackson £80, Alexander MacDonald £78, John Mccormack £74, Robert Waugh £73, Martin Clerkin £73, Arnold Riley £71 and Liam Gormley £70.50.

FAT EWES: John McClelland £107, G Christie £104, Hilary Deery £102, John McCormack £95, Ollsen Allen £90, Daniel McNaly £89, Bryan Jackson £84, Moris McDonald £81, B McShane £80, D Martin £79 and Graham Russell £78.

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