Bullocks selling to £1760 at Enniskillen

The best trade yet for a big entry of quality stock at Thursday’s sales.

By Darryl Armitage
Friday, 21st January 2022, 9:34 am

In the bullock ring beef bullocks sold to at £1760 for a 704kg Aberdeen Angus at £250ppk, medium weights to 257ppk for a 572kg Charolais at £1470 and lights weights to 273ppk for a 406kg Limousin at £1110.


Florencecourt producer 20kg Limousin at £1050, 486kg Charolais at £1230, 562kg Charolais at £1340, Sixmilecross producer 518kg Charolais at £1350, 566kg Limousin at £1330, Roscor producer 466kg Charolais at £1380, 632kg Charolais at £1460, 572kg Charolais at £1470, Tempo producer 516kg Aberdeen Angus at £1150, Letterbreen producer 480kg Charolais at £1280, 460kg Charolais at £1290, Ballinamallard producer 414kg Charolais at £1060, Kinawley producer 530kg Simmental at £1200, 548kg Simmental at £1220, Enniskillen producer 476kg Charolais at £1150, 460kg Limousin at £1230 and Brookeborough producer 532kg Charolais at £1200, 568kg Charolais at £1360, 588kg Aberdeen Angus at £1260, 486kg Charolais at £1250.

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In the weanling ring bullocks sold from £700 to £1240 for a Charolais 405kg , heifers sold from £650 to £1160 for a Charolais 424kg.

Ruling prices

Enniskillen producer 435kg Charolais steer at £1160, 388kg Charolais steer at £1120, 408kg Charolais steer at £1100, 406kg Charolais heifer at £1010, Belleek producer 394kg Charolais bull at £1080, 237kg Charolais bull at £680, 400kg Charolais heifer at £950, 273kg Charolais heifer at £710, 348kg Charolais heifer at £980, Garrison producer 424kg Charolais heifer at £1160, 398kg Charolais heifer at £1000, 366kg Charolais heifer at £1080, 288kg Charolais bull at £860, 334kg Charolais steer at £950, 292kg Charolais steer at £970, Belcoo producer 334kg Charolais heifer at £970, 425kkg Charolais steer at £1090, 376kg Charolais heifer at £1040 271kg Charolais heifer at £720, Springfield producer 326kg at £1000, 405kg Charolais steer at £1240, 396kg Charolais steer at £1220, 363kg Charolais steer at £1040, Kesh producer 450kg Charolais steer at £1250, 310kg Limousin heifer at £860, 303kg Limousin bull at £870, 231kg Charolais bull at £740, Irvinestown producer 224kg Charolais heifer at £680, 283kg Charolais bull at £790, 323kg Charolais heifer at £910, 253kg Charolais heifer at £830, Bellanaleck producer 339kg Charolais steer at £1020, 352kg Charolais steer at £1000, 337kg Charolais heifer at £1020, 315kg Charolais heifer at £950, Enniskillen producer 420kg Limousin steer at £1130, 400kg Charolais steer at £1120, 396kg Charolais steer at £1130

Derrylin producer 388kg Charolais bull at £1060, 337kg Charolais bull at £950, 342kg Limousin bull at £990, 365kg Charolais bull at £1070, Ederney producer 436kg Charolais steer at £1180, 412kg Charolais steer at £1270, 380kg Charolais steer at £1050, 432kg Charolais steer at £1230, Magherveely producer 270kg Charolais bull at £860, 329kg Charolais bull at £910, 265kg Charolais heifer at £790, 277kg Charolais bull at £790, Lisnaskea producer 337kg Limousin steer at £890, 354kg Charolais steer at £1020, Omagh producer 351kg Charolais at £1020, 373kg Charolais heifer at £1020, 359kg Charolais heifer at £960, 336kg Charolais heifer at £970, Florencecourt producer 447kg Limousin steer at £1040, 430kg Limousin steer at £1030, 376kg Limousin heifer at £990 and Derrylin producer 355kg Charolais steer at £1090, 430kg Charolais steer at £1160, 400kg Charolais steer at £1140, 434kg Charolais steer at £1190, 355kg Charolais steer at £1090.


Ennkillen producer Limousin bull at £480, Derrygonnelly producer Charolais bull at £435, Aberdeen Angus heifer at £265, Culkey producer Belgian Blue heifer at £390, Springfield producer Charolais heifer at £350, Friesian bull at £140, Letterbreen producer Aberdeen Angus heifer at £315, Kinawley producer Belgian Blue bull at £320 and Florencecourt producer Aberdeen Angus bull at £310, Aberdeen Angus bull at £280.

Suckler cows

Suckler cows sold to at £1740 for a 2019 Limousin with bull calf at foot, at £1330 for a Limousin cow and bull calf, at £1280 for a Charolais heifer in calf. A four year old Simmental bull at £1260.


A superb trade was experienced this week at Enniskillen.

Beef lots to at £1000 along with the weight or 700kg Charolais at £1700 (243ppk) and top a price of 255ppk for a 580kg Aberdeen Angus at £1480, medium weights from 208-262ppk paid or a 490kg Charolais at £1280, while light weights sold from 210-267ppk paid for a 430kg Charolais at £1150.

Lisnaskea producer Charolais 700kg at £1700, Charolais 665kg at £1630, Charolais 645kg at £1570, Charolais 600kg at £1490, Charolais 580kg at £1480, Enniskillen producer Charolais 640kg at £1570, Charolais 650kg at £1570, Charolais 575kg at £1400, Charolais 720kg at £1660, Charolais 550kg at £1370, Charolais 530kg at £1290, Limousin 540kg at £1330, Coa producer Charolais 580kg at £1470, Charolais 560kg at £1340, Charolais 540kg at £1280, Charolais 550kgat £1280, Garrison producer Charolais 590kg at £1440, Newtownbutler producer Charolais 590kg at £1440, Charolais 520kg at £1310, Macken producer Charolais 580kg at £1360, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 430kg at £1150 and Trillick producer Charolais 420kg at £1080.

Fat cows

Beef lots sold to 208ppk paid for a 735kg Charolais at £1550.

Lighter weights from 120-216ppk paid for a 570kg Charolais at £1230.

Friesian cows from 68-148ppk

Irvinestown producer Charolais 780kg at £1540 -198ppk, Monea producer Charolais 730kg at £1530 -208ppk, Lisbellaw producer Charolais 840kg at £1510 -180ppk, Tamalght producer Charolais 686kg at £1430 -209ppk, Leggs producer Charolais 670kg at £1320 -198ppk, Derrygonnelly producer Charolais 770kg at £1430 186ppk and Newtownbutler producer Charolais 750kg at £1410 -188ppk, Charolais 700kg at £1350 193ppk.