Bullocks selling to £1800 for 800kg at Pomeroy

Rise in cattle prices in Pomeroy this week.

Bullocks selling to £1800/800kg and heifers selling to up to £1670.


G Dolan £1800/800kg, G Corr £1750/740kg, £1670/670kg, £1640/660kg, £1610/640kg, £1590/630kg, £1580/640kg, S Mallon £1750/730kg, £1660/1650kg, £1630/670kg, £1450/580kg, A Boyd £1690/670kg, £1670/670kg, £1660/610kg, £1520/590kg, £1440/580kg, £1420/560kg, M Quinn £1690/710kg, £1690/690kg, £1680/720kg, £1620/670kg, £1590/700kg, £1440/560kg, P McLaughlin £1570/660kg, £1570/640kg, £1480/590kg, £1450/580kg, P Mallon £1480/620kg, Paul McLaughlin £1480/590kg, £1450/580kg, Sean Mallon £1450/580kg, Martin Quinn £1440/560kg, Alister Boyd £1440/590kg, Patrick Corr £1440/580kg, £1390/620kg, £1360/520kg, Alister Boyd £1420/560kg, £1410/560kg, £1400/580kg, Peter Mallon £1400/600kg, £1300/570kg, £1380/590kg,£1360/600kg, M and D Boyd £1390/680kg, £1290/640kg, Gerard Corr £1380/600kg, Jim Wayne £1330/520kg, Paul McLaughlin £1310/550kg and B Ward £1280/5870kg.



Murphy £1670, Michael McGee £1360/550kg, £1260/570kg, £1120/480kg, £1100/540kg, £1080/500kg, Barry McKenna £1330/610kg, £1240/630kg, Shane McKenna £1220/590kg, £1160/540kg, P Fox £1120/480kg, £1010/470kg, Jim McAninley £1100/550kg, Gerard O’Connor £1080/570kg, £990/530kg, Barry McKenna £1020/570kg, P Fox £1010/470kg, Gerard O’Connor £990/530kg, S O’Neill £960/520kg, Simon Donaghue £960/500kg, S Greaves £920/400kg, Gerard McGorry £900/380kg, Ronnie Giles £890/420kg, £850/460kg, S O’Neill £890/500kg, P Fox £890/420kg, S Greaves £880/380kg, £850/360kg, £840/380kg, £790/370kg, Simon Donaghue £840/430kg and WJ Brown £800/370kg, £780/330kg.