Bullocks selling to £1840 for 770kg at Lisahally

A great trade this week with store bullocks making £1840/770kg and heifers £1330/650kg.


T Cairns £1840/770kg. D Williamson £1400/590kg £1220/500kg £1140/470kg. K Laughlin £1370/610kg £1300/570kg £1260/540kg £1180/510kg £1180/530kg £1080/540kg £1060/480kg £1050/430kg £1010/510kg. A McDaid £1330/640kg £1250/610kg £1120/580kg. W McNeill £1270/580kg £980/470kg £920/450kg. T McDaid £1130/570kg £1140/570kg. C Hall £1000/440kg. K Laughlin £990/460kg. G McCauley £970/460kg £970/470kg £850/430kg £850/430kg. J Hall £890/430kg £830/410kg. R McLaughlin £890/390kg £810/370kg. J Young £880/380kg. G Storey £870/460kg. S Smyth £840/430kg. R Campbell £820/360kg.


R Robinson £1330/650kg £1280/610kg £1280/600kg £1250/610kg. H Nicholl £1250/510kg £1020/490kg £980/430kg £810/400kg. G McCauley £1090/530kg £900/470kg £840/420kg. S Anderson £1080/510kg £1070/500kg £910/430kg £850/480kg. D Williamson £1060/460kg. R Campbell £820/290kg £680/280kg. S Smyth £820/430kg £720/390kg. R Hemphill £790/420kg. W McNeill £760/410kg. R McLaughlin £750/350kg £690/350kg.

A larger entry on stock this week with fat lambs making £145/35kg and fat ewes £200.


P Anderson £145/35kg £135/27.5kg. Ballinacross Farm £134.50/33kg £129.50/24.5kg. S Cassidy £133.50/33kg. W McGaughey £132/26kg. P Donaghey £132/26kg £128/25kg. J McClelland £129.50/25kg. Camnish Farms £129/25kg. R Millen £127/25kg £120/21kg. M Blair £126/25kg. P McNicholl £125/22.5kg. S Lowry £124.50/26kg. H Devenney £118.50/21kg.


J McWilliams £200. P O’Doherty £172. S Ward £164. J Young £152. R Henry £152. W McGaughey £150. R Hyland £140. R Millen £140. P Anderson £140. T Irons £138. Camnish Farms £134. M Blair £134. W Knobbs £134. M Doherty £132.

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