Bullocks selling to £1960/760kg and heifers to £1410/560kg at Pomeroy

A flying trade in Pomeroy this week's with bullocks making £1960/760kg and heifers £1410/560kg.


J O'Neill £1960/760kg £1800/740kg £1700/680kg F O'Neill £1650/650kg £1600/680kg £1400/570kg £1390/560kg M Coyle £1420/540kg £1370/540kg £1310/490kg £1300/490kg £1290/510kg £1210/480kg £1200/450kg £1200/450kg £1180/460kg F McQuaid £1370/620kg £1340/640kg £1330/620kg £1210/580kg J Donaghy £1310/540kg £1310/510kg C Daly £1100/390kg £1040/380kg £780/310kg E Donnelly £1050/400kg £1000/390kg £760/300kg G McKee £1040/370kg £990/350kg £990/350kg £980/340kg £900/330kg £740/260kg D Hamill £930/380kg £900/330kg £850/330kg £800/330kg B Quinn £890/310kg £880/310kg £740/250kg M McGahan £840/310kg £740/260kg and S Donnelly £830/350kg £800/330kg £720/300kg.


Livestock Markets

J Donaghy £1410/560kg £1300/540kg £1230/540kg £1220/520kg £1140/480kg £1120/470kg J McMinn £1370/570kg £1310/550kg £1300/550kg £1220/540kg £1220/560kg M Coyle £1330/540kg P McCallan £950/410kg C Daly £900/400kg G McKee £890/330kg £790/310kg £770/290kg £750/290kg £700/310kg £680/290kg D Jefferson £830/400kg £830/340kg £800/340kg £750/340kg £740/320kg D Ferry £810/380kg F Corr £800/280kg £650/260kg J Donaghey £780/350kg £760/360kg E Donnelly £750/310kg £650/290kg £500/230kg C Daly £740/280kg D Ferry £710/340kg and V Scullion £620/310kg.