Bullocks topping at £1750 at Lisahally

A great entry of cattle this Wednesday evening with bullocks topping £1750/760kg and heifers £1620/660kg.


P Cunning £1750/760kg £1670/710kg. D Wade £1600/690kg £1570/660kg £1550/650kg. W Smyth £1470/660kg £1390/620kg. R Hyndman £1430/600kg £1250/530kg £1200/480kg £1180/510kg £1180/520kg £1100/510kg £1090/440kg £960/430kg. WG McDevitt £1060/500kg £1030/540kg. R Hamilton £1040/490kg £980/480kg £960/470kg £940/460kg £900/440kg £890/440kg. A McKinney £900/390kg £780/330kg £770/310kg. J Snodgrass £820/320kg £790/320kg. L McLaughlin £810/320kg £740/340kg. T Wilson £810/320kg.


B Lyons £1620/660kg £1570/680kg. F McAleer £1550/670kg £1410/620kg £1400/630kg. Quigley Bros £1420/600kg £1400/610kg £1390/570kg £1370/610kg £1160/560kg. J McDevitt £1380/650kg £1370/600kg £1320/570kg £1290/580kg. W McNeill £1200/630kg £1000/530kg. J Young £1100/510kg £1030/490kg £1020/450kg £980/430kg. W Smith £1100/540kg. A Kerrigan £990/470kg £900/420kg £840/400kg £810/390kg £800/380kg £780/360kg. G Welch £930/460kg £840/400kg £840/390kg £820/400kg £820/390kg £700/330kg. T Wilson £750/330kg. L McLaughlin £710/300kg.

Fat cows

J and R Young £1690/690kg £1660/680kg £1590/630kg £1490/620kg £1450/610kg. K O’Kane £1345/620kg £1276/560kg. F McAleer £1228/710kg £1220/650kg. J McClelland £1209/650kg.

A large show of sheep this Tuesday night with fat ewes making £166 and breeding ewes £190.


P Anderson £110/27.50kg £107/225kg. A Fleming £109/24kg. M Hanna £108/25kg. A Duncan £107.50/23.5kg. K Johnston £106.50/25kg. A McLaughlin £106.50/23.5kg. C McCrudden £106/25.5kg. JJ Dalton £105/22kg. A Olphert £104.50/22.5kg. A Rainey £104.50/24kg. J McWilliams £104/23kg. S O’Neill £103/23kg. B McCullagh £102.50/22.5kg. D Walker £102.50/22.5kg £100.50/21kg. M Kennedy £102/23kg. M Clerkin £102/22kg. P McLaughlin £99/21.5kg. C McDevitt £93/20kg.

Fat ewes

C McDevitt £166 £146. J McWilliams £166. K Johnston £159. P Anderson £156. S Devine £152. T Irons £144. M Kennedy £144. B McCullagh £136. Kelly Farms £136. E McGinnis £132. P Deeney £130. M Clerkin £128 £114. A Rainey £124.

Breeding ewes

D Douglas £190, £182, £178, £170, £168, £166. C McCullagh £183 £170 £162, £158. P Proctor £156.

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