Carlisle Poultry Auction: Is this Jeremy Clarkson bidding £2,000 for Co. Down ducks?

Rumour has it, Jeremy Clarkson’s was the winning bid when a pair of call ducks from Co. Down sold at the world record price of £2,000 recently!

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 5:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th October 2021, 5:18 pm

While it hasn’t been confirmed, there has been much speculation as to who bought the ducks at the Harrison and Hetherington sale where Warrenpoint man, Jimmy Ryan, sold not one, but two lots for a four-figure sum.

Jimmy’s first pair of calls sold for £1,400 and, before he had time to get over that shock, his second lot were up and smashed the world record.

The top price pair had been chosen as best of breed at the Carlisle sale and had attracted plenty of interest leading up to the auction itself.

Jimmy's show champion trio at Balmoral.

Since the auction, the rumour mill has been churning with everyone wondering if they are, indeed, enjoying life on Diddly Squat Farm!

Jimmy, from Burren, near Warrenpoint, admitted he doesn’t actually know who the buyer was, as it was an anonymous bidder – he was just delighted that whoever it was, paid top money for his home bred ducks.

Unbelievably, this was Jimmy’s first time selling at a poultry auction.

“When the first pair went to £1,400, it was just unbelievable,” he said.

Jimmy Ryan with his cup at Balmoral Show.

“Then the next lot went for £2,000!

“It was the first time calls had went for four figures at that auction.

“I’ve never been to an auction but a few people had told me I should take my birds over to Carlisle.

“With the shows not going ahead this year, I thought I would take a few pairs over and see how it went.”

One of Jimmy's calls at the show.

Jimmy, who has been breeding call ducks for around 10 years, wasn’t sure what price to expect for his lots on the day, but knew other breeders had made £700 or £800 in the past.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting that price,” he continued.

“Once the first pair went to £1,400 I thought, ‘this is crazy’, it was unreal.

“I thought the second pair wouldn’t go for that, but they went to £1,000, then up to £1,400 again, then I watched a guy bid them up to £1,600.

The trio of white call ducks.

“They went up and up. When they sold at £2,000 I couldn’t believe it!”

The auctioneer, Joel, who had also had an exciting day, came to shake Jimmy’s hand after the sale had finished, and messages of congratulations from people all over the world have been flooding in.

Jimmy described his hobby as a “labour of love” and said hatching a good one always gives him a “wee buzz”.

After the excitement at Carlisle, it was back home for Balmoral Show where the Co. Down man was breaking more records with his feathered friends.

For the first time in the show’s history, a trio was chosen as the overall champion in the poultry marquee, owned by the man himself.

Jimmy also came first, second and third in the white call drake classes, with one of those going on to take the call duck champion title.

“Balmoral was unbelievable too,” he stated.

“I decided to go with a few ducks and it ended up being the first time a trio got champion.

“It was a very large show of call ducks, with over 130 entered.

“I was glad I went; it was good to be back out at a show and meet other poultry people again.”

Jimmy concluded: “In poultry terms, you won’t get a week much better than that!”