Cattle need a mineral and vitamin boost now

It has been a topsy-turvy start to the grazing season in Co Fermanagh.

Brian Johnston, Johnston Agri-Supplies
Brian Johnston, Johnston Agri-Supplies
Brian Johnston, Johnston Agri-Supplies

Some cattle were out in April but then had to be brought back in because of the complete lack of re-growth.

However, in many parts of the county, ground conditions have not permitted any grazing opportunities at all up to this point. The coming weeks, however, should see cattle turned out in significant numbers.

Brian Johnston, of Lisnaskea-based Johnston Agri-Supplies, has highlighted the need for cattle to receive a mineral and vitamin boost now.

Grazed grass can be a nutritionally imbalanced feed at this time of the year,” he said.

“Given this reality, I would strongly recommend that stock are drenched with Liquid Gold Cattle in order to ensure that they make best use of the grass that is available to them now.”

According to Brian, Liquid Gold Cattle contains all of the micro minerals and vitamins required by beef cattle with Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Iron made available solely in a chelated form.

He confirmed a strong demand for the Liquid Gold range throughout the Co Fermanagh area.

Brian continued: “Liquid Gold Cattle also contains nucleotides, which act to increase red blood cell numbers, a key factor in determining animals’ ability to grow.

“The reality is that cattle can only perform to the level of the greatest deficiency or imbalance in their diet.

“All forage based diets contain imbalances and consequently most stock never exceed 75% of their genetic potential in terms of growth, fertility, development of immunity. Early spring grass can be deficient in a wide range of minerals and trace elements.”

Brian further explained: “Liquid Gold Cattle acts to ensure that young stock at grass are not restricted in terms of meeting their full growth potential.”

He added: “Young beef cattle and dairy stock have tremendous capacity to grow-on, once they are put out to grass: the challenge is that of making sure that all of this potential is realised.

“Young stock going out to grass over the coming weeks will also benefit greatly if they are drenched with Liquid Gold Cattle now.”

Extensive trials have been carried out with young stock drenched with HVS Liquid Gold Cattle directly prior to, and shortly after turn out. They confirm that additional liveweight gains of 9.9 kilos per head can be achieved after just 54 days at grass.

The difference amounted to an extra 20.4 kilos per head after 104 days. This gain in performance is worth an extra £40 per animal in today’s beef prices. So it is more than significant.

For further information, contact Johnston Agri-Supplies on 028 6772 2377.