Causeway and Glens Riding Club working hunter show

It was a busy day for the first working hunter show as Causeway and Glens Riding Club and the weather was lovely too.

A flowing and well-dressed course awaited the competitors in the Causeway Coast Arena, Coleraine.

The course was designed by William Brown and was greatly complimented throughout the day by our competitors.

The judges, Patrick Traynor and Cherie McHugh, had some tough judging ahead of them, especially in the hotly contested Northern Ireland festival qualifier classes, where the top four go through to this prestigious event next April.

Presentation of cheque to NI Children to Lapland Trust, left to right, are Raymond Pollock Susan Stokesberry Charlene Dickey

The horse classes were well supported and it was Jill Crawford with her young horse Lola who clinched first place in the 60cm class, the first class of the day.

Jill was pipped to the post in the next class (70cm) taking second place but it was Janene Gamble riding Braeview Little Lion Man who took the win, with Melissa Lemon, club chairperson, in third with Katie P.

Helen Forgrave with Drunk in Love was on a roll, taking the top spot in both the 80cm and 90cm classes.

Craig Hills took second place in both classes with Calagy Day in May and club member Diane O’Donovan, third with Clarouse. Alana Laverty won the metre class with her horse Poppy and Shane Doyle into second place with Doyle’s Romeo.

Horse 1m winners pictured with judge Patrick Traynor and Cherie McHugh

Shane completed the horse section by taking the championship on Doyle’s Romeo.

It was Laoise Kelly with Secret who started off the pony classes with a win in the x-pole class and Logan Talbot in second on Dolly.

Laoise Clancy had a super day, taking the win in the 45cm class with Alex and then the 55 and 60cm classes on Dorlyn Contessa Alexandria Murphy with Jokin’ Joe took the final win of the day, in the M&M exc 143cm class.

Raymond Pollock and Charlene Dickey from the NI Children to Lapland Trust received a cheque for £844, which was raised from the proceeds of two of our shows Northern Ireland Children to Lapland Trust ( .

Horse 60cm winners

All at Causeway and Glens Riding Club would like to thank the hard-working club members who helped Willie to build and dress the course, starters, arena party and anyone who lent a hand on the day or on the run up to the show.

Also, to all the club's very kind sponsors who have supported us by providing prizes for all their shows so far.

The next show will be Hallowe’en Showjumping at Eglinton Equestrian Club on Sunday, 23rd October.

The next working hunter is on Sunday, 30th October at Causeway Coast Arena, Coleraine and is in aid of the MacMillan ward at Antrim Hospital, by request of the club's dear friend Dasha Zichova.

Laoise Kelly and Secret

All information can be found on the club Facebook page and entries can be made online at

Horse 60cm

1st Jill Crawford - Lola

2nd Louanne McElwee – Prince

3rd Ciara Heron – Dunbeggan Breeze

Horse 70cm

Logan Talbot with Dolly

1st Janene Gamble – Braeview Little Lion Man

2nd Jill Crawford - Lola

3rd Melissa Lemon – Katie P

4th Ciara Heron – Dunbeggan Breeze

Horse 80cm

1st Helen Forgrave – Drunk in Love

2nd Craig Hills – Calagy Day in May

3rd Diane O’Donovan – Clarouse

4th Tracey Manson - Gortfree Merry

5th Clara Wallace - Archie

Horse 90cm

1st Helen Forgrave – Drunk in Love

2nd Craig Hills – Calagy Day in May

3rd Diane O’Donovan – Clarouse

4th Clara Wallace - Archie

5th Melanie Moorhead – Irish Twang

6th Tracey Manson – Gortfree Merry

Horse 1m

1st Alana Lavery – Poppy

2nd Shane Doyle – Doyle’s Romeo

3rd Caitlin Foster – Lucy

4th Chloe Gannon – Pinecroft Fleet

Horse Champion – Shane Doyle and Doyle’s Romeo



1st Laoise Kelly – Secret

2nd Logan Talbot – Dolly


1st Laoise Clancy – Alex

2nd Emma McGuckin – Toby

3rd Laoise Kelly – Secret

4th Logan Talbot – Dolly

5th Annabel Manson – Lucky Lane Harry


1st Laoise Clancy – Dorlyn Contessa

2nd Logan Talbot – Dolly

3rd Emma McGuckin – Toby


1st Laoise Clancy – Dorlyn Contessa

2nd Maddison O’Kane - Flossie

3rd Annabel Manson - Lucky Lane Harry

M&M exc 143cm

1st Alexandria Murphy – Jokin’ Joe

2nd Ellen McGinley – Corglass Sandra

Laoise Clancy with Dorle Contessa
70cm Horse placings