Cows and calves sell to £1300 at Lisnaskea

A good steady demand for a larger entry on Tuesday, 12th April at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales with a complete clearence of all stock.

This week Cows & Calves sold to £1300 and £1240, Store Bullocks sold to £1110 for a 525kg Ch. with a 470kg Ch. to £1090 (£232) . Weanling Steers & Bulls sold to £1050 for a 430kg Lim. (£244) and selling to £311 per 100kg for a 280kg Ch. to £870. Weanling Heifers sold to £810 for a 300kg Ch. (£270) with smaller ones selling to £600 three times for 220kg Chars.


COWS & CALVES: Lisnaskea Producer £1300 for Cow with Bull Calf, £1280 for Cow with Heifer Calf and £920 for Cow with Heifer Calf.

STORE BULLOCKS : Newtownbutler Producer £1110 for a 525kg Ch. (£211) and £1090 for a 470kg Ch. (£232)

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Newtownbutler Producer 430kg Lim. to £1050 (£244) and 415kg Lim. to £970. Newtownbutler Producer 280kg Ch. to £870 (£311) Lisnaskea Producer 355kg Lim. to £850, 315kg Sim. to £730 and 260kg Sim . to £690. Florencecourt Producer 340kg AA. to £840, 390kg AA. to £830, 360kg AA. to £800 and 330kg AA. to £770. Newtownbutler Producer 365kg Ch. to £820, 400kg Her. to £780 and 345kg Ch. to £750. Rosslea Producer 300kg Ch. to £810, 280kg Ch. to £750, 305kg Ch. to £730 and 270kg Ch. to £730. Derrylin Producer 335kg Lim. to £790. Enniskillen Producer 385kg AA. to £780, 290kg AA. to £780, and 270kg AA. to £605. Newtownbutler Producer 340kg Lim. to £700 and 235kg Lim. to £635. Derrylin Producer 265kg AA. to £690, 280kg AA. to £655 and 240kg AA. to £615.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Fivemiletown Producer 300kg Ch. to £810 (£270) 300kg Ch. to £740, 290kg Ch. to £730, 285kg Ch. to £690 and 330kg Ch. to £630. Newtownbutler Producer 385kg Ch. to £780, 350kg Ch. to £730,335kg Ch. to £690 and 290kg Ch. to £690. Newtownbutler Producer 320kg Ch. to £775, 315kg Ch. to £710, 300kg Ch. to £680, and 330kg Ch. to £615. Newtownbutler Producer 245kg Ch. to £640. Florencecourt Producer 275kg AA. to £620 and 300kg AA. to £560. Derrylin Producer 200kg Chars to £600 three times.

Lots more stock required weekly to supply this growing demand.