Cows and calves sell to £2100 at Rathfriland

A super show of cattle on Friday with the online buyers being very active again.

By Darryl Armitage
Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 9:07 pm

The dropped calf section contained calves up to 2 months old.

Topped to £510 for Aberdeen Angus bull calf for a Castlewellan farmer.

Weanling calves sold to £860 for a 378k Limousin heifer from Dromara farmer.

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Fat cows topped £1200 for 866k Simmental.

Cows and calf topped £2100.

Heifers topped 722k £1430 Aberdeen Angus bullocks Topped at £1360 for 632k Simmental,

Dropped calves and young stock

Bull calves

Castlewellan farmer Aberdeen Angus at £510, Aberdeen Angus at £500, Aberdeen Angus at £485, Banbridge farmer Simmental at £390, Ballynahinch farmer Blue at £370, Banbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus at £360, Lisburn farmer Fleckvieh at £340, Katesbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus £330, Newcastle farmer Friesian £305, Annaclone farmer £300,

Heifer calves

Ballyroney farmer Limousin at £395, Newcastle farmer Aberdeen Angus at £370, Katesbridge farmer: Aberdeen Angus at £370, Ballyroney farmer Limousin at £345, Saintfield farmer Limousin at £330, Banbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus at £300, Aberdeen Angus £250, Katesbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus at £220 and Mayobridge farmer Shorthorn at £215.

Weanling male calves

Dromara farmer Blue 334k at £700 (210ppk), Aberdeen Angus 378k at £790 (209ppk), Aberdeen Angus 380k at £740 (195ppk), Banbridge farmer Blue 262k at £510 (195ppk), Kilkeel farmer Blue 412k at £800 (195ppk), Rathfriland farmer Hereford 316k at £610 (193ppk), Poyntzpass farmer Fleckvieh 448k at £860, Shorthorn 434k at £810, Kilkeel farmer Blue 412k at £800, Dromara farmer Aberdeen Angus 378k at £790, Aberdeen Angus 380k at £740, Rathfriland farmer Blue 380k at £730, Poyntzpass farmer Hereford 380k at £700 and Dromara farmer Aberdeen Angus 392k at £700, Aberdeen Angus 374k at £700, Blue 334k at £700.

Weanling heifer calves

Newry farmer Limousin 292k at £670 (230ppk), Dromore farmer Limousin 378k at £860 (228ppk), Newry farmer Limousin 346k at £780 (225ppk), Dromore farmer Limousin 356k at £780 (220ppk), Dromara farmer Blue 258k at £560 (217ppk), Dromara farmer Limousin 378k at £860, Aberdeen Angus 430k at £840, Kilkeel farmer Limousin 388k at £810, Dromara farmer Limousin 356k at £780 and Newry farmer Limousin 346k at £780, Limousin 360k at £760, Limousin 292k at £670, Limousin 314k at £640, Limousin 298k at £640.

Fat cows

Fat cow sold to a flying trade, Downpatrick farmer Simmental 866k at £1200, Mayobridge farmer Shorthorn 748k at £950 and Newcastle farmer Friesian 620k at £740, Friesian 616k at £680 and Friesian 626k at £610,

Cows and calves

Kilkeel farmer Blue cow and Limousin calf £2100, Mayobridge farmer Simmental cow and Limousin calf £1420 and Dromara farmer Simmental cow and Blue calf £1200, Aberdeen Angus cow and Blue calf £1180.

Store heifers

Ballymartin farmer Limousin 452k at £1040 (230ppk), Charolais 530k at £1190 (225ppk), Simmental 486k at £1080 (222ppk), Charolais 496k at £1090 (220ppk), Simmental 502k at £1090 (217ppk), Limousin 434k at £930 (215ppk), Ballyroney farmer Aberdeen Angus 722k at £1430, Aberdeen Angus 640k at £1250, Lisburn farmer Aberdeen Angus 608k at £1240, Ballymartin farmer Charolais 530k at £1190, Dromara farmer Limousin 610k at £1190 and Ballymartin farmer Charolais 540k at £1140, Charolais 560k at £1130, Hereford 588k at £1120, Simmental 502k at £1090, Charolais 512k at £1090.


Dromara farmer Charolais 420k at £1080 (257ppk), Charolais 358k at £920 (257ppk), Charolais 430k at £1060 (247ppk), Charolais 502k at £1190 (237ppk) Castlewellan farmer Charolais 536k at £1270 (237ppk), Dromara farmer Charolais 392k at £910 (232ppk), Charolais 510k at £1160 (228ppk), Newry farmer Simmental 632k at £1360, Rathfriland farmer Fleckvieh 678k at £1280, Castlewellan farmer Charolais 536k at £1270, Newry farmer Simmental 610k at £1260, Rathfriland farmer Friesian 742k at £1250, Dromara farmer Simmental 698k at £1240, Castlewellan farmer Charolais 550k at £1190, Rathfriland farmer Friesian 704k at £1190, Dromara farmer Charolais 502k at £1190 and Rathfriland farmer Montbeliarde 632K at £1160.

Online bidding available via

All buyers must wear face covering from now on while in the mart.

Tuesday evening saw super show of stock and lambs sell to a good trade.

Fat ewes selling to a flying trade this week again.

A Dromara farmer topped the sale at £5.20 a kilo for 15.1kg at £78.50.

Fat ewes topped at £144 for a Suffolk Ewes from a Hilltown farmer.

More ewes over the £130 mark this week with plainer ewes from £105 to £120 each.

Light lambs

Dromara farmer 15.1k at £78.50, 14.8k at £76, Ballynahinch farmer: 14.5k at £77.50 and Downpatrick farmer: 14.7k at £71.50.

Spring lambs

Annaclone farmer 30k at £114.50, Poyntzpass farmer 32k at £114.50, 31.5k at £113, Loughbrickland farmer 27k at £112.50, Katesbridge farmer 25.4k at £112, Hilltown farmer 28k at £111.50, Rathfriland farmer 26.5k at £111.50, Kilkeel farmer 27.5k at £111, Ballynahinch farmer 27k at £111 and Ballynahinch farmer 24.2k at £110.

Fat ewes 

Hilltown farmer: £144, £140, Rathfriland farmer: £137, Ballynahinch farmer: £135, Rathfriland farmer: £135, Dromara farmer: £124, Rathfriland farmer: £124, Glasker farmer: £122, Kilkeel farmer £120, Hilltown farmer £118,

Fat rams

Annaclone farmer £119, Mayobridge farmer £117 and Loughbrickland farmer £110.

Breeding ewes

£195, £185, £180, £160 and £150.

Online bidding available via

All buyers must wear face covering from now on while in the mart.