Cows and calves selling to £1400 at Lisnaskea

A larger entry of stock on Tuesday 13th September at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales produced a good steady demand for all sorts.
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This week cows and calves sold to £1400 and £1000.

Store bullocks sold to £1310 for a 540kg Aberdeen Angus (£243) £1300 for a 565kg Aberdeen Angus (£230) with a 480kg Aberdeen Angus to £1140 (£238).

Weanling males sold to £1250 for a 455kg Charolais (£275) and £1240 for a 490kg Charolais (£253) with a 400kg Charolais to £1120 (£280).

Weanling heifers sold to £1020 for a 480kg Charolais (£212) with a 290kg Limousin to £700. Sample prices

Cows and calves

Newtownbutler producer £1400 and £1000 for cows with heifer calves.

Store bullocks

Derrtlin producer 540kg Aberdeen Angus to £1310 (£243) 565kg Aberdeen Angus to £1300 (£230) 525kg Aberdeen Angus to £1210 (£230) 520kg Aberdeen Angus to £1200 (£230) 465kg Aberdeen Angus to £1090 and 460kg Aberdeen Angus to £1040. Maguiresbridge producer 520kg Aberdeen Angus to £1220 (£234). Newtownbutler producer 535kg Hereford to £1060, 490kg Hereford to £980, 485kg Hereford to £920 and 475kg Hereford to £900. Eskra producer 480kg Limousin to £1140 (£238) and 455kg Aberdeen Angus to £1100 x 2 and 475kg Shorthorn to £1060.


Lisnaskea producer 455kg Charolais to £1240 (£275) 490kg Charolais to £1240 (£253) 485kg Aberdeen Angus to £950, and 385kg Aberdeen Angus to £740. Eskra producer 400kg Charolais to £1120 (£280) 460kg Limousin to £1100 and 465kg Hereford to £900. Newtownbutler producer 385kg Limousin to £1070 (£278). Newtownbutler producer 470kg Charolais to £1060 and 435kg Belgian Blue to £960. Derrylin producer 445kg Simmental to £1005 and 340kg Belgian Blue to £815. Maguiresbridge producer 330kg Limousin to £940 (£285). Kinawley producer 345kg Limousin to £800 and 300kg Charolais to £770. Magheraveely producer 300kg Limousin to £750, 295kg Limousin to £750, 330kg Limousin to £720, 285kg Limousin to £690, 255kg Limousin to £690, 280kg Limousin to £660, 265kg Limousin to £630, 230kg Shorthorn to £550 and 235kg Limousin to £520.

Weanling heifers

Lisnaskea producer 480kg Charolais to £1020 (£213) Derrylin producer 445kg Shorthorn to £1005, 340kg Belgian Blue to £815, 440kg Limousin to £800 and 430kg Hereford to £720. Enniskillen producer 410kg Limousin to £1000. Lisnaskea producer 480kg Aberdeen Angus to £950. Rosslea producer 390kg Limousin to £950, 450kg Limousin to £910, 380kg Limousin to £900 and 385kg Simmental to £840. Lisnarick producer 390kg Simmental to £900 and 400kg Aberdeen Angus to £840. Derrylin producer 355kg Limousin to £750. Lisnaskea producer 320kg Simmental to £700 and 290kg Limousin to £700. Magheraveely producer 245kg Limousin to £500.

Lots more stock required weekly to supply a growing demand from online and ringside competition.