Do you help people through horses?

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast, are currently recruiting volunteers to take part in a study that is exploring how horses help people.

Friday, 9th July 2021, 8:36 am

Currently, horses are being incorporated into a range of services with the overall aim of improving quality of life for children and adults in a variety of ways.

This spectrum of services includes therapeutic riding, therapies on horseback, equine assisted psychotherapy and even equine assisted learning programmes designed to help personal learning, skills, and growth.

So far, the perspectives and experiences of those who provide these equine assisted services has received little attention.

This study seeks to explore these viewpoints to gain a greater understanding of this area, the benefits these services provide to society, as well as the challenges faced in developing this sort of intervention.

It is hoped that the knowledge gained from this study will help direct future research and practice in order to make these types of services more available and raise awareness of the benefits to those in the medical and educational fields.

This study is being funded by DAERA as part of a PhD studentship.

For more information, please contact Rita Seery at [email protected] or the study supervisor, Dr Deborah Wells [email protected]

The link to the survey is