Don’t miss Frocess’ pedigree Holstein sale in Ballymena Mart

The Frocess herd of pedigree Holsteins, owned by Wallace Gregg, will host a special draft sale of 16 milking heifers and cows on Friday, June 18th in Ballymena market. Events get underway at 11.30am.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 7:28 pm
Heifers and younger cows from the Frocess herd
Heifers and younger cows from the Frocess herd

The sale will also feature seven heifer calves from these freshly calved cows. The animals for sale are all April and May calvers.

They constitute a unique opportunity for dairy farmers to acquire a selection of the Frocess herd’s best producing and internationally known families.

There are 10 cows selling: Nine have had lactations over 9500kg with yields up to 12021kgs butterfat to 4.84% and protein to 3.36%.

Mature cows from the Frocess herd

The cows are milking well with daily yields from 39 litres up to 55 litres. The milking heifers for sale are also producing well at 27 to 34 litres.

The sale also offers an opportunity to purchase cows that are highly classified with no fewer than three Excellent (EX) cows and two Very Good (VG) animals to be presented for sale. The remainder of the group coming under the hammer are Good+ or have not been not scored yet. Many of the animals have multiple generations of EX/VG cows in their back pedigree.

The cow families to presented for sale are amongst the most prestigious to be found within the Holstein breed. They include Amandas( DRA August), Rachelle (Startmore Gail), Elizabeth (Fielders) Primrose, Charade (Shoremar) and Celicias/Balise from Weeton.

Many of the animals are by well known AI sires such as Grafetti, Twist, Mardi Gras, Alta Recoil, Close Up, Flagship and Westcoast Galahad.

The heifer calves for sale will be sold in the ring immediately after their dams and are all bred from stock sires in the herd. They are well grown and very genuine batch of calves.

Frocess herd overview*

Herd production: 9100kg

Projected yield: 9549kg

Milk Quality: 4.05% butterfat 3.31% protein

Calving index: 380 days

*All the above figures have been taken from the herd’s last milk recording.

All animals catalogues can be inspected on-farm. Please call 07760 227744

Catalogues will be available on McClelland’s website as well as on the day. Online bidding is available through Marteye.