Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Fat cows selling to £2246 and stores topping at £2080

An outstanding sale in Draperstown last Friday with stores topping £2080/720kg (288ppk) weanlings £1300/370kg (351ppk) and fat cows making £2246.


L Morrison £2080/720kg £2080/700kg £2000/690kg £1980/710kg £1940/640kg £1830/720kg £1810/620kg £1810/700kg £1790/640kg J Rodgers £2020/830kg £1960/770kg £1540/650kg £1480/630kg T Cairns £1920/730kg D Duncan £1890/710kg £1590/620kg W Moore £1740/590kg £1610/600kg £1580/520kg £1500/520kg £1480/530kg £1470/530kg £1460/540kg £1430/570kg £1380/460kg £1350/510kg J Ryan £1720/620kg M Armstrong £1460/600kg £1450/590kg £1420/600kg £1240/560kg T Cairns £1370/550kg D Duncan £1370/560kg £1280/510kg J Duffy £1340/480kg £1330/450kg and R Wilson £1190/430kg.


Draperstown MartDraperstown Mart
Draperstown Mart

T Cairns £2060/730kg W Mckelvey £1610/610kg £1380/590kg £1340/580kg £1330/550kg £1210/500kg M McGlade £1540/500kg £1510/530kg £1490/490kg £1140/370kg M McCrystal £1520/500kg £1510/680kg £1500/560kg S Brady £1480/450kg £1350/460kg £1130/440kg £1110/410kg £1080/380kg £1060/420kg W Campbell £1430/570kg J McVey £1140/540kg J Adams £1100/480kg M McGlade £930/340kg and R Wilson £880/400kg £880/390kg £870/330kg £830/360kg £810/300kg.


P Devlin £1300/370kg £1250/310kg £1240/380kg £1200/320kg £1010/270kg A McHugh £1250/380kg £1180/390kg £1170/390kg £850/320kg £840/330kg P McKenna £1200/350kg £1080/300kg £1040/280kg £900/300kg £800/260kg £760/280kg M McCrory £1140/330kg £1140/380kg £1000/320kg T Davison £1040/350kg £1000/320kg £970/320kg £920/330kg £900/330kg £850/320kg £840/350kg £800/380kg £800/340kg R McPhillimy £920/330kg P McKenna £820/330kg and T Davison £800/290kg £790/270kg £730/290kg.

Fat cows

O Hawe £2246/960kg D Duncan £2110/730kg J Gourley £2109/770kg £1836/850kg L Nugent £2108/830kg £1972/680kg S McGurk £1978/860kg J Duffy £1793/760kg P McGowan £1659/680kg P Quinn £1636/660kg P McKenna £1504/570kg £1090/500kg M McCrystal £1500/530kg P McCrory £1476/610kg D Steele £1459/760kg M Armstrong £1420/570kg W Kenning £1404/540kg K Mitchell £1390/610kg P McKenna £1250/500kg P Rafferty £1222/630kg G Lagan £1220/490kg C Blair £1187/560kg K Campton £1177/460kg and J O'Neill £1066/410kg.