Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Fat cows topping £2705, store cattle at £1820

A sharp trade last Friday in Draperstown with store cattle selling to £1820/640kg (284ppk) weanlings £1400/450kg (311ppk) and fat cows topping £2705.


T Paul £1800/660kg £1780/650kg £1690/630kg £1620/620kg £1480/520kg S McAtamney £1660/560kg £1480/510kg D Duncan £1650/730kg £1640/670kg £1580/660kg R Tomkins £1600/620kg £1560/620kg E Logue £1500/480kg S McCann £1340/500kg £1170/440kg £1060/420kg £980/400kg £970/390kg D Donnelly £1300/490kg £1290/480kg J Lyttle £1180/550kg £1080/500kg £1000/490kg K McMullin £1180/400kg £1170/390kg G Carson £1100/430kg £1010/390kg and R Quinn £1060/420kg £1030/430kg £1000/440kg £990/380kg £960/360kg.


Draperstown Mart
Draperstown Mart
Draperstown Mart

J Donnelly £1820/640kg £1700/650kg £1640/620kg £1630/620kg £1600/590kg £1590/580kg J O'Hagan £1540/540kg £1520/510kg £1400/540kg £1360/470kg £1300/460kg £1240/450kg S Close £1530/630kg K Moran £1500/560kg £1430/550kg £1400/550kg £1390/470kg £1360/510kg B O'Loughlin £1310/540kg J Lennox £1270/400kg £1200/390kg £1190/450kg £1170/370kg £870/360kg K McMullin £1240/430kg £1240/430kg £1070/400kg and S Clarke £1200/540kg £1080/490kg.

Male weanlings

P McKenna £1400/450kg £1280/440kg £1280/430kg £1230/440kg £1210/390kg £1190/420kg £1070/400kg P O'Murray £1390/470kg £1330/420kg £1040/360kg V Black £1300/410kg £1200/330kg £1200/390kg £1200/360kg £1150/350kg £1150/400kg £1090/370kg £1040/310kg J Kealey £1290/410kg £1250/400kg £1100/360kg J Robinson £1230/400kg £1060/380kg K Watters £1210/370kg M Clarke £1190/400kg £1040/390kg G Wilkinson £1120/460kg I Allen £1100/380kg £1050/360kg £1040/340kg and W Phillips £1050/390kg £1030/350kg £1010/380kg £1050/390kg £1030/350kg £1010/380kg.

Female weanlings

P Mckenna £1160/470kg £1030/420kg £1000/400kg P O'Murray £1150/430kg P and A Miller £1140/360kg £1000/350kg £840/360kg £790/300kg D McCracken £1130/360kg £1090/360kg £980/320kg £900/310kg £770/280kg J Kealey £970/410kg J Robinson £920/360kg £770/260kg £700/240kg I Allen £900/320kg A Donnelly £900/320kg £730/290kg S Clarke £860/320kg £840/320kg £710/320kg M Clarke £830/330kg W Phillips £810/330kg and C McLaughlin £770/300kg £700/290kg.

Fat cows

D Hempton £2705/1270kg £1368/580kg M Doyle £2160/720kg £1780/640kg £1740/620kg £1700/610kg £1660/600kg £1640/590kg J McCormack £1839/840kg £1605/740kg £1589/700kg £1584/720kg £1533/700kg £1461/630kg S Clarke £1590/640kg N Dallas £1490/690kg A Murphy £1407/620kg £1170/560kg E Connor £1367/630kg S McElhatton £1352/520kg M Cassidy £1350/600kg T O'Connor £1282/530kg and M Bradley £1226/560kg £1102/530kg.