Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Heifers selling to £1570

Exceptional prices this week at Draperstown.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 12:42 pm

Bullocks selling to £1480/620kg, heifers £1570/620kg, weanlings selling to up to £1050 and fat cows £1530.60/630kg.


Ben O’Kane £1480/620kg, £1450/580kg, £1430/600kg, £1410/580kg, £1400/580kg,, £1400/570kg, £1380/550kg, £1380/540kg, £1350/550kg, £1330/500kg, £1330/520kg, £1310/510kg, £1300/540kg, £1300/520kg, £1280/550kg, £1280/510kg, James Moore £1430/720kg, £1390/680kg, £1380/700kg, £1340/660kg, £1330/680kg, £1240/650kg, £1240/640kg, £1220/640kg, £1220/640kg, £1200/600kg, £1200/630kg, £1180/620kg Thomas Hegarty £1200/540kg, R Moore £1460/600kg, £1420/580kg, £1400/560kg, £1170/490kg, Denis Speir £1150/460kg and Thomas Hegarty £1120/490kg, £1060/440kg, £1050/440kg.

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Allan Speir £1570/620kg, £1440/600kg, £1400/590kg £1390/620kg, £1370/590kg, £1370/610kg, £1370/600kg, £1330/630kg, £1320/570kg, £1300/550kg, £1300/570kg, £1290/570kg, £1280/520kg, £1220/530kg, £1210/530kg,£1190/510kg, Denise Speir £1450/630kg, £1310/540kg, £990/450kg and D and G McMaster £1360/690kg, £1280/600kg, £1200/620kg, £1190/590kg, £1170/590kg, £1140/600kg, £14080/590kg, £1000/530kg.

Weanlings male

Adrian Cudden £1050/400kg, £1030/410kg, £1000/390kg, £910/370kg, Nigel Fields £990/350kg, £980/460kg, £960/420kg, £8570/350kg, £850/410kg, £800/390kg, Ben O’Kane £990/370kg, D O’Hagan £810/320kg, Shane Potter £800/360kg, M Moore £760/310kg, £750/300kg, £720/280kg, £710/300kg, £650/260kg, £550/280kg, £540/270kg, Maureen Armstrong £760/340k and D O’Hagan £730/350kg.

Weanlings female

Shane Potter £680/330kg, M Glasgow £650/340kg, Maureen Armstrong £570/280kg, £530/250kg and Ben O’Kane £550/220kg.

Fat cows

J Donaghy £1530.90/630kg, £1519/620kg, £1449/690kg, K McCoscar £1469.40/930kg, D and G McMaster £1178.10/770kg, W McKee £1116.90/730kg, Thomas Hegarty £1100.80/640kg, Owen Bradley £1092/700kg, Nigel Fields £1086.30/710kg, J Doris £1076.40/690kg, W McKee £1067/550kg, Owen Bradley £1058.40/720kg, £1050.80/710kg, Shane Potter £975.20/530kg, D and G McMaster £882/630kg.