Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Store bullocks selling to £1580

A flying trade last Friday at Draperstown.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 7th October 2021, 3:07 pm

Prices as follows

Store bullocks

S Lees £1580/710kg, £1480/700kg, J Duffy £1470/600kg, W Jeffers £1430/490kg, £1380/540kg, £1370/490kg, £1360/650kg, £1350/480kg, £1350/580kg, D Logan £1420/620kg, £1400/620kg, £1390/560kg, £1390/600kg, £1380/580kg, £1360/550kg, £1340/550kg, £1340/600kg, I Bruce £1400/590kg, B McCloskey £1360/570kg, S Gamble £1360/650kg, G Miller £1350/570kg, £1350/560kg, J McLaughlin £1340/600kg, S Mullan £1340/560kg and S McAtamney £1330/500kg.

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Store heifers

W Galway £1550/650kg, £1510/640kg, £1490/630kg, £1450/600kg, £1360/610kg, £1290/60kg, S Ferguson £1400/650kg, S Mullan £1380/560kg, £1270/530kg, C Boyle £1340/530kg, C MCusker £1280/540kg, £1210/490kg, £1200/530kg, K Boylan £1260/510kg, £1240/500kg, £1220/510kg, £1200/510kg, £1190/500kg, £1180/480kg, S Mullan £1250/510kg, £1220/490kg, £1200/530kg, D Glenn £1220/520kg and B McCloskey £1210/570kg, £1210/540kg.

Store bulls

J McConaghie £760/400kg.

Weanling males

C McBride £1180/510kg, £1150/420kg, £980/400kg, M McBride £1170/460kg, £1150/540kg, £1030/410kg, S Burke £1150/520kg, £1100/440kg, £1090/470kg, £1050/440kg, £1020/400kg, £1020/420kg, £1010/430kg, O Bradley £970/410kg, £930/360kg, £890/460kg, P McNally £860/350kg, M Doyle £830/370kg, £810/370kg, £790/370kg, H Black £790/310kg, L Young £780/340kg, £780/340kg and O Bradley £780/350kg.

Weanling females

S Loughran £860/370kg, £820/330kg, B Quinn £700/330kg, L Black £690/300kg, P McNally £630/240kg, E Lynch £450/240kg, £450/230kg, £450/230kg. £450/230kg, £450/230kg, £450/230kg, £450/240kg and B Lynch £450/230kg.

Weanling bull - P McNally £1050/460kg.

Suckler cows and calves - M McCormack £1650 and W Campbell £940.

Fat cows

E Loughran £1701/810kg, E Kennedy £1674/930kg, £1610/920kg, B Hempton £1513/780kg, S McReynolds £1440/800kg, £1416/800kg, P McNally £1380/670kg, £1330/700kg, S Conway £1368/800kg, M McKeown £1335/750kg, E Loughran £1332/720kg, L Young £1248/780kg, E Ferguson £1242.50/710kg, M McKenna £1239.50/670kg and D Irwin £1232/700kg.

Fat bulls

S Rafferty £1529.50/950kg, M Gormley £1504/940kg, O O’Kane £1400/760kg, J McGurk £1191.90/870kg, £1191.90/870kg, B Forbes £1387.10/970kg, P Lusby £1156.20/940kg, I Swaile £1115.20/820kg, N Neely £1100/770kg and P McGarvey £1020.60/810kg.

Fat bullocks

W Johnston £1400/700kg, £1150/610kg, £1130/570kg, G Sheppard £1266.30/630kg, £1246.20/620kg, £1236/600kg, £966.60/540kg, I Swaile £995.40/790kg and P Lusby £923.10/510kg.

Weanling males

D Hempton £1350/500kg £950/370kg, £930/420kg, J McDowell £1180/300kg, H Hall £1140/360kg £1050/350kg £1010/320kg £990/330kg, P Donaghy £1090/320kg £1050/290kg, £1010/320kg, E Bigger £1080/320 £970/360kg, £930/340kg, £930/350kg, P McGuckin £1070/390kg £1050/340kg £1000/320kg £970/370kg , H O’Hagan £1050/350kg £980/330kg, £980/260kg, £970/370kg, £920/330kg, P McGarrity £1030/380kg, S Conway £1030/340kg £1020/360kg £970/340kg, P Conlin £1020/360kg, N Hutchinson £1000/380kg £960/320kg, C McGarvey £990/420kg, £980/380kg, £950/320kg, £920/350kg, M O’Kane £970/440kg £960/450kg £960/370kg, J McDowell £970/320kg £960/340kg, S Lavery £940/350kg and P Donaghy £940/340kg.

Weanling heifers

E Bigger £1090/390kg, H Hall £1070/320kg, I Hall £1010/330kg, H Hall £990/310kg £990 340kg £900/330kg, H O’Hagan £990/310kg £970kg/320kg, P McGuckin £980/360kg £960/270kg £920/320kg £900/350kg £890/300kg, J McDowell £950/270kg, M O’Kane £910/350kg £870/320kg, E Bigger £880/340kg £820/310kg, D McCracken £870/350kg, S Conway £870/360kg £860/290kg £860/350kg £860/390kg £800/330kg £800/320kg £790/310kg, J McDowell £860/290kg £840/280kg £830/320kg £780/320kg, I Hall £840/320kg £820/310kg £820/300kg £800/330kg, H Hall £840/320kg, H O’Hagan £820/310kg £810/300kg £780/320kg, E Biggar £810/290kg, £800/320kg, D McCracken £810/300kg and K McCloskey £770/370kg.

Weanling bulls - W Lennox £750/360kg £580/260kg.