Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Store bullocks selling to £175

Super show of cattle at Draperstown with store bullocks selling to £1750/630kg, store heifers selling to £1520/670kg.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 12th August 2021, 12:22 pm

Weanling males selling to £1140/420kg, weanling females selling to £1200/420kg, suckler cows and calves selling to £1670, fat cows selling to £1575.60/780kg, fat bulls selling to £1660.80/960kg and fat bullocks selling to £1190/680kg.

Store bullocks

W Creighton £1750/630kg, £1630/580kg, £1440/600kg, W Neill £1480/630kg, £1460/640kg, £1400/620kg, £1300/560kg, M Gregg £1320/590kg, £1300/600kg, £1100/500kg, G Speers £1260/550kg, £1200/540kg, £1080/580kg, D Stewart £1250/510kg, P O’Neill £1200/520kg, £1160/500kg, £1150/530kg, £1100/530kg, £1050/510kg, S Moore £1180/400kg, M Hughes £1180/550kg, £1160/530kg, £1140/550kg, £1140/540kg, £1090/580kg, D Stewart £1150/460kg, £1020/400kg, £900/440kg, B Henry £1140/510kg, £990/490kg, R Henderson £1140/480kg, G Mooney £1110/580kg, £1020/510kg, £880/460kg and M Cahoon £980/450kg.

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Store heifers

J Gourley £1520/670kg, £1340/620kg, B Morris £1370/560kg, £1290/590kg, £1240/550kg, £1240/580kg, £1240/570kg, £1210/560kg, £1200/530kg, £1200/530kg, £1200/520kg, £1190/530kg, £1190/480kg, S Robinson £1360/590kg, £1340/600kg, £1260/520kg, S Moore £1300/530kg, B Boyle £1300/610kg, £1300/540kg, £1300/580kg, £1300/580kg, £1300/620kg, £1190/550kg, £1130/520kg, £1060/490kg, D Wright £1240/490kg, D Stewart £1240/500kg, J McGuckin £1140/500kg, £1110/510kg, £1100/510kg, £1060/470kg, M Cahoon £1090/440kg, M Marshall £1060/550kg, M Bradley £1060/480kg and D Glenn £1060/490kg.

Weanling males

M Rafferty £1140/420kg, S Mullan £990/410kg, G McCrory £950/400kg, £950/380kg, M McGlade £900/410kg, £860/390kg, £830/360kg, £740/350kg, P McNally £900/390kg, R Bowden £790/390kg, J Murphy £790/300kg, £780/290kg, N Dallas £750/390kg, D Murray £680/290kg, £600/320kg, P O’Neill £670/320kg, £600/270kg, £590/290kg and L Foster £430/310kg, £430/310kg.

Weanling females

S Mullan £1200/420kg, £1020/360kg, £990/430kg, £850/350kg, £780/330kg, £670/300kg, H O’Hagan £1040/470kg, £1030/420kg, £1030/410kg, £1000/460kg, £990/410kg, £980/430kg, £980/400kg, £960/420kg, £930/390kg, £910/440kg, £830/360kg, £800/340kg, £790/350kg, P McNally £1000/460kg, £1000/410kg, £990/370kg, £890/330kg, £860/370kg, £860/360kg, £860/350kg, G McCrory £940/420kg, £870/330kg, M Rafferty £840/370kg, E Dallas £710/390kg, £660/330kg, £630/310kg, £610/330kg and P O’Neill £610/320kg.

Suckler cows and calves

Gortavoy Farms £1670, P Donaghy £1520, £1400, S Moore £1500, £1180, £1130, £1120, £1100, £1030, £1020 and F Kelly £1050.

Fat cows

O Bell £1575.60/780kg, R Robinson £1554/740kg, £1425.60/720kg, M Rainey £1523.20/680kg, P Fullen £1489.20/730kg, £1287/550kg, A Kee £1335.60/840kg, O Hawe £1306.70/730kg, S Moore £1306.70/730kg, £962/650kg, S Robinson £1185.70/710kg, £1047.20/680kg, £1029.60/660kgm D Wright £1176.60/530kg, £1104/690kg, RJH Farms £1108.80/720kg, J Dunlop £1075.20/640kg, E Black £1049.40/530kg, J Porter £1031.80/670kg, £959.10/690kg, £947.20/640kg, £930.60/660kg, £916.80/480kg, D Glenn £999/540kg, J Henderson £944.70/670kg, E Black £930/500kg, A Kee £930/600kg, £921.60/640kg, W Donnelly £912.60/540kg, N Bell £903.90/690kg, T Watson £896/700kg, T McGurk £892.80/480kg, R Bowden £882/600kg and W Patterson £869.40/630kg.

Fat bulls

O Bell £1660.80/960kg, E McCloskey £1488.50/650kg, £1386/660kg, R McLaughlin £1485.20/940kg, S Bradley £1478.40/660kg, H Henry £1352.80/890kg and T Watt £1224/720kg.

Fat bullocks

W Donnelly £1190/680kg, B Henry £1083.60/630kg, R Shiels £1042.80/660kg, R Allen £670.50/450kg, £585/450kg, £576.40/440kg, £520.70/410kg, £487.50/390kg, S Sproule £438/300kg and R Kee £406.80/360kg.