Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Store bullocks selling to £1820

Fantastic show of cattle at Draperstown with store bullocks selling to £1820/750kg.

By Darryl Armitage
Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 9:15 am

Store heifers selling to £1360/590kg, store bulls selling to £1220/540kg, weanling males selling to £1190/430kg, weanling females selling to £770/360kg, weanling bulls selling to £1050/520kg, suckler cows and calves selling to £2150, fat cows selling to £1539/810kg, fat bulls selling to £1346.80/910kg and fat bullocks selling to £1793.30/790kg.

Store bullocks

M O’Neill £1820/750kg, £1750/780kg, £1580/680kg, £1480/650kg, R Boyd £1700/740kg, £1560/690kg, L Morrison £1690/710kg, £1680/750kg, £1560/670kg, £1550/710kg, £1540/640kg, £1540/680kg, £1510/710kg, £1480/660kg, £1380/580kg, D Wright £1660/650kg, £1660/650kg, £1460/580kg, £1400/550kg, R Kennedy £1640/680kg, £1530/670kg, £1520/650kg, £1490/620kg, £1480/660kg, £1400/610kg, R Boyd £1630/740kg, £1470/620kg, S McCloskey £1560/620kg, £1530/620kg, £1480/570kg, £1460/660kg, £1450/650kg, £1440/580kg, £1380/560kg, J Moore £1540/720kg, £1410/640kg, £1390/580kg, B O’Kane £1440/610kg and S McAtamney £1400/580kg, £1380/590kg.

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Store heifers

S Watterson £1360/590kg, £1310/530kg, £1260/530kg, A Hutchinson £1350/540kg, £1230/500kg, £1210/510kg, £1190/510kg, £1150/460kg, £1150/490kg, £1130/480kg, T Cairns £1280/570kg, £1270/610kg, £1240/610kg, £1230/560kg, I Ballantine £1250/650kg, P O’Neill £1250/500kg, R Abernethy £1250/640kg, £1160/580kg, £1140/580kg, £1130/550kg, £1100/540kg, D Steele £1170/640kg, £1020/580kg, T Laverty £1160/480kg, J McKenna £1100/420kg, £1100/480kg, £1090/470kg, £1020/450kg, D McGurk £1090/460kg, A O’Neill £1070/440kg, T Laverty £1060/440kg, T Wilson £1050/410kg and E Biggar £1040/470kg.

Store bulls

P O’Neill £1220/540kg, £1000/380kg.

Weanling males

O Bradley £1190/430kg, £1180/380kg, £1050/460kg, £1050/480kg, £1010/450kg, £1010/490kg, £1000/380kg, £1000/390kg, A Kerrigan £1040/510kg, £1020/470kg, £970/470kg, £950/470kg, £950/460kg, £910/440kg, £900/450kg, £900/430kg, £860/440kg, £790/390kg, £780/380kg, £740/370kg, T Lagan £980/420kg, £740/290kg, D Nesbitt £980/390kg, £750/350kg and R Crawford £940/290kg, £940/310kg, £910/270kg, £900/250kg, £870/280kg, £740/320kg, £680/260kg.

Weanling females

T Lagan £770/360kg, £640/320kg, £620/260kg, R Crawford £770/300kg, £450/170kg, N Dallas £590/250kg and A Kerrigan £470/280kg.

Weanling bulls

A Kerrigan £1050/520kg and R Crawford £780/340kg.

Suckler cows and calves

M Conway £2150, £1860, K McOscar £1500, £1390, D Glenn £1460, £1370, £1240, £900, Gortavoy Farms £1220, D Nugent £980 and J Kelly £820.

Fat cows

B Quinn £1539/810kg, £1288.80/720kg, S O’Neill £1432.20/770kg, J McKenna £1368/720kg, R Crawford £1360.40/760kg, £1045/550kg, J Clarke £1354.20/740kg, L Canning £1318.20/780kg, O Bradley £1292/680kg, £1190.70/630kg, W Ballantine £1252.80/720kg, £1162/700kg, R Crawford £1228.20/690kg, M Quinn £1165.80/670kg, N Dallas £1148/700kg, £938/700kg, P Boone £1138.70/590kg, £1050.50/550kg, R Bowden £990/660kg, £904.80/580kg, A Bonnar £984/480kg, R Bowden £973.40/790kg, B Quinn £965.60/680kg, J Jeferson £957.60/560kg, S Mullan £945.50/610kg and T Morrow £892.80/720kg.

Fat bulls

N Donaghy £1346.80/910kg, A Bradley £1005/750kg and R Allen £440/335kg.

Fat bullocks

D McAdoo £1793.30/790kg, £1604.80/680kg, £1573/650kg, R Boyd £1612.50/750kg, £1428.30/690kg, £1392.60/660kg, £1312/640kg, £1122.90/570kg, £1105.80/570kg, S McCullagh £1184.20/620kg, £1073.80/590kg, D McGurk £946/440kg, £901.60/460kg and M McCullagh £820/520kg, £800/500kg, £800/490kg.