Draperstown (Beattie) Mart: Suckler cows and calves selling to £2000

Superb prices at Draperstown with store bullocks selling to £1310/780kg.

Thursday, 18th November 2021, 12:32 pm

Store heifers selling to £1410/660kg, store bulls selling to £800/450kg, weanling males selling to £1130/390kg, weanling heifers selling to £1060/370kg, suckler cows selling to £1760, suckler cows and calves selling to £2000, fat cows selling to £1673.20/890kg, fat bulls selling to £1410/940kg and fat bullocks selling to £1562.20/730kg.

Store bullocks

M Stewart £1310/780kg, £1190/680kg, £1010/650kg, £920/640kg, M McKee £1200/540kg, £900/510kg, E Bradley £1180/500kg, £1090/540kg, £820/470kg, P Hinfey £1040/500kg, £1010/510kg, £940/500kg, £900/460kg, £850/530kg, £790/470kg, £790/460kg, £770/450kg, £740/480kg, W McKee £1040/530kg, £1020/550kg, £970/510kg, G Tomb £1020/530kg, £1000/510kg, £980/540kg, £970/520kg, I Allen £940/460kg and Moore Brothers £700/520kg.

Store heifers

J Chivers £1410/660kg, £1390/630kg, £1260/480kg, £1230/510kg, £1200/460kg, £1190/550kg, £1140/520kg, £1130/490kg, £1110/450kg, £1110/480kg, £1110/470kg, £1100/460kg, £1090/520kg, £1080/470kg, £1080/460kg, £1080/440kg, £1080/450kg, £1070/490kg, £1070/470kg, £1070/490kg, £1050/490kg, £1020/430kg, E Bradley £1170/540kg, £1100/490kg, £1090/480kg, Moore Brothers £1140/560kg, £1040/550kg, B Radcliffe £1120/570kg and W McKee £1050/510kg.

Store bulls

P Hinfey £800/450kg.

Weanling males

I McAleece £1130/390kg, £1050/420kg, J Muldoon £960/420kg, C McLaughlin £930/400kg, D Glenn £820/300kg, £740/260kg, J Muldoon £800/360kg and D Longwell £740/450kg, £680/400kg, £610/380kg, £600/360kg, £550/370kg, £530/380kg.

Weanling heifers

I McAleece £1060/370kg, £830/390kg, D Glenn £940/370kg, £870/350kg, £750/330kg, £670/310kg, £640/320kg, £590/240kg, C McLaughlin £840/360kg, £720/350kg and P McKenna £740/350kg, £670/340kg, £560/300kg.

Suckler cows

S Devine £1760, £1700, £1520, £1220, £1180, £1120, £1000, £860 and M McGuigan £1000, £960.

Suckler cows and calves

S Devine £2000, £1840, £1000, £900, £810, £810, £780, £780, £710, £700, £630, £600, £510.

Fat cows

R Biggar £1673.20/890kg, I McAleece £1554/740kg, J Lyle £1547.10/810kg, £1035/690kg, M Cassidy £1386/700kg, £1152.40/670kg, J Muldoon £1295/700kg, G Wilkinson £1278/710kg, P O’Kane £1235.40/710kg, F McVey £1184/740kg, G Quinn £1143.10/710kg, J Cassidy £1126.40/640kg, H O’Hagan £1085.60/590kg, £1080/600kg, J Doris £1066/650kg, F Walls £1015.20/720kg, £1006.40/680kg, P McGuigan £1004.80/640kg, K Wensley £1000/800kg, R Biggar £988/650kg, S Conway £938/700kg, J Mulholland £915.20/640kg, £731.50/550kg, I Allen £908.80/710kg, P Diamond £886.60/620kg, J Devlin £799.20/720kg, P McCloskey £775/620kg, C Slean £735.30/570kg, W Kerlin £726/440kg and K Wensley £723.20/640kg.

Fat bulls

G Campbell £1410/940kg, J Convery £1298.60/860kg, P Quinn £862.40/560kg and D McKenzie £524/400kg, £333.30/330kg.

Fat bullocks

D McAdoo £1562.20/730kg, £1559.40/690kg, £1462.80/690kg, J McCorry £1386/660kg, K McAdoo £1312/640kg, 1241.50/650kg, J Baird £1311.50/610kg, £1302/600kg, £1236/600kg, F Walls £1200/600kg and P Quinn £1036/560kg, £918.40/560kg, £894.90/570kg, £848/530kg, £840.