Draperstown (Beattie’s) Mart: Suckler cows and calves selling to £1780

Outstanding top trade of cattle at Draperstown with store bullocks selling to £1590/700kg and store heifers selling to £1540/740kg.

Thursday, 26th August 2021, 3:44 pm

Store bulls selling to £1220/620kg, weanling males selling to £1070/480kg, weanling females selling to £950/370kg, suckler cows and calves selling to £1780, fat cows selling to £1333.20/660kg, fat bulls selling to £1608/800kg and fat bullocks selling to £1980/930kg.

Store bullocks

S Lees £1590/700kg, £1480/690kg, D Duncan £1560/720kg, £1420/670kg, £1340/680kg, £1330/610kg, £1280/640kg, £1250/620kg, H Sinclair £1440/730kg, K Lagan £1410/600kg, £1220/500kg, W Ferson £1310/640kg, £1280/620kg, £1250/600kg, B Higgins £1280/580kg, £1270/570kg, P Diamond £1270/550kg, N Higgins £1230/530kg, £1150/480kg, £1140/490kg, F McErlean £1200/520kg, £1160/460kg, £1110/490kg, D Glenn £1170/510kg, £1080/450kg, J O’Hagan £1160/560kg, £1080/540kg and G Parke £1150/580kg, £1080/540kg, £1060/560kg.

Store heifers

K Lagan £1540/740kg, £1390/620kg, £1190/490kg, £1150/550kg, £1140/450kg, £1100/440kg, £1090/470kg, B O’Kane £1530/640kg, £1320/630kg, £1250/600kg, £1210/570kg, £1180/570kg, £1120/570kg, £1100/560kg, £1090/530kg, £1060/490kg, P Campbell £1310/590kg, P Diamond £1270/540kg, £1110/520kg, H Sinclair £1230/590kg, £1170/580kg, R Young £1170/470kg, B Devlin £1150/560kg, D Mullan £1130/480kg, £1110/520kg, £1090/460kg, £1090/440kg, £1070/450kg, E Dallas £1090/490kg and G White £1060/470kg.

Store bulls

D Duncan £1220/620kg.

Weanling males

A McConnell £1070/480kg, £1040/460kg, V Black £880/390kg, £830/350kg, £760/360kg, RJH Farms £870/370kg, £770/310kg, £750/290kg, £710/290kg and S Glasgow £840/350kg, £810/370kg.

Weanling females

V Black £950/370kg, K McCoscar £920/430kg, RHJ Farms £870/420kg, £790/340kg and S Glasgow £740/360kg, £670/310kg, £610/310kg.

Suckler cows and calves

E Connor £1780, N Fields £1640, O Devlin £1540, £1320, S Loughrey £1260, W Davis £1100 and J Kelly £980.

Fat cows

R Hemphill £1333.20/660kg, £1185.60/570kg, £808.30/590kg, R Young £1323/630kg, D Mullan £1292.80/640kg, £1176/560kg, V Black £1264/790kg, £1183/700kg, P O’Kane £1214.40/690kg, D Duncan £1209.60/640kg, J Gourley £1201.20/780kg, K Hopper £1176.40/680kg, £902.70/590kg, P McKenna £1145.60/640kg, J Gourley £1102.30/730kg, I Moore £1094.80/680kg, £828/600kg, £806/620kg, I McAleece £1083.30/690kg, A McConnell £1050.60/510kg, L Canning £991.60/670kg, R Robinson £964.80/720kg, £890.90/590kg, £858/650kg, J Glenn £887.40/510kg, T Stewart £882/600kg, M Gribben £849.40/620kg, A McGuigan £846/600kg, £835.20/580kg and B Young £772.80/560kg.

Fat bulls

M Wylie £1608/800kg, G Lagan £1395/750kg, P Miller £1334/920kg, R Black £1278.90/870kg and R McAllister £1220/550kg, £1090/530kg, £960/460kg.

Fat bullocks

J Glenn £1980/930kg, H O’Hagan £1660/690kg, T Eastwood £1628/740kg, R McAllister £1210/540kg, £1050/470kg, C Bates £872.90/430kg, £865/500kg, £761.10/430kg, £629/370kg, £627.90/390kg and C Phillips £870/500kg.