DUP MPs meet UFU leadership team

Upper Bann DUP MP Carla Lockhart has said the relationship between political representatives and farming leaders is vital to securing the best possible outcomes for our local agri-food sector.

Carla Lockhart was commenting after a meeting between DUP MPs and the Ulster Farmers Union.

She said:“Our agri food sector is facing many challenges, with the Northern Ireland Protocol, the UK-Australia free trade deal and Climate Change legislation all posing specific challenges to the industry.

“The impact on farming families and local processors of each of these issues is significant. It is therefore vitally important that the farming lobby and local political representatives work in unison to ensure the best outcomes possible for Northern Ireland’s agriculture industry.

“This was a very productive engagement with the UFU team and was particularly useful in terms of sharing information about our ongoing work at Westminster, but also hearing about the real life experience of local farmers,” she added.

“As we continue to work on these significant issues at Westminster, and alongside Edwin at Stormont, we will do all we can to mitigate against the negative impact of the Protocol, to protect our industry from the potential consequences of free trade deals and also ensure realistic climate change targets are set. The future growth and sustainability of our industry depends on it.”