Easier trade for fat lambs at Markethill

An entry of 1650 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday 14th July sold in an easier trade for fat lambs. Store lamb trade and cull ewes sold in prices similar to last week.

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 10:13 am

Heavy lambs sold from £103 to £108 each with top quality pens selling from 420p to 435p per kilo for 24 kilos at £104.50 each followed by 429p per kilo for 24 kilos at £103 each.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold from 440p to 475p per kilo for 20 kilos at £95 each followed by 467p per kilo for 21k at £98 each.

Light store lambs sold from 500p to 609p per kilo with a top of 639p per kilo for 10.8 kilos at £69 each followed by 609p for 11 kilos at £67 each. Stronger store lambs sold up to 505p per kilo for 17.4 kilos at £88 each.

The 250 Cull ewes sold to a top of £154 each. Main demand from £110 to £140 each. Plainer ewes from £70 to £95 each.

A small entry of Breeding hoggets sold to a top of £220 each with other pens at £215, £210 & £205 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Cappagh seller 24k £104.50 435p; Cullyhanna farmer 24k £103 429p; Portadown seller 24k £103 429p; Downpatrick producer 24.8k £106 427p; Newtownhamilton farmer 24.1k £103 427p; Newtownhamilton seller 24.4k £104 426p; Keady producer 24.7k £105 425p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Tynan farmer 20k £95 475p; Portadown seller 21k £98 467p; Madden producer 20k £92.50 463p; Newtownhamilton farmer 20.5k £94 459p; Hamiltonsbawn seller 23k £104.50 454p; Dungannon farmer 21k £95 452p; Cullyhanna seller 23k £104 452p; Newtownhamilton farmer 23k £104 452p.

STORES: Mullaghbawn producer 10.8k £69 639p; Ballykinlar producer 11k £67 609p; Whitecross farmer 13.5k £79 585p; Whitecross farmer 14.7k £85.50 582p; Ballykinlar producer 15.2k £86 566p; Moy farmer 15.4k £83.50 542p; Ballykinlar producer 16.6k £88 530p.